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PROCLAMATIONS,~1918. 1753 and authority thereby given to the President, as far as the same apply to fertilizers and fertilizer ingredients, and to ani and all practices, procedure and regulations applicable thereto, authorized or required under the provisions of said ct, and in this behalf he shall do and perform such acts and things as may be authorized or required of him from time to time by direction of the President and under such rules and regulations as may be (prescribed bty the President from time to time. All departments an agencies 0 the Government are hereby directed to cooperate with the Secretary of Agriculture in the performance of the duties hereinbefore set forth. · A pucmm to Fm Applications for licenses must be made to the Law D%partment—— Aanlimsu-min. léicgnse Diviision, United gtpteshlfood Administration, ashington, . ., upon orms repare or t at piupose. Any individual, gartnership, association or corporation, other than pixlnxlity M °°°°°m` as herembefore excepted, who shall engage 111.0f carry on the busmess of importmg, manufacturing, storing or distributing fertilizers _ or . fertilizer ingredients after the date aforesaid, without first seeming _ zuch license, will be liable to the penalties prescribed by said Act of """* *’· 2** on ss. INNWITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. _ DONE in the District of Columbia, this 25th day of February ID the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nme Hundred and [sun.] Eighteen, and of the Inde endence of the—United States of America, the One and Forty-second. ’ `Woomzow Wn.soN. By the President: , r Q . , \ Ronmrr Larzsme ‘ Secretary of State. Br mn Pmzsrnmrr or run Umrnn Srnns or Aumuca. "`°'>'°·*’Y ”·1°”’· A PROCLAMATION `WHEREAS, The United States of America is now at war, and the §§§’,§'§,§Y"‘“‘“°"’· Army and Navy thereof are endangered in their operations andjpreparations by aircraft, I, Woomzow Wu.soN, President of the nited States,·by virtue of the authority vested in me b the Constitution as Commander-in·Chief of the Army and Na of the United States and of the Militia of the several States when called into the actual service of the United States, do hereby for the protection of such forces issue the following proclamation. I. A license must be obtained from the Joint Army and Navy Board ,,j;,‘:°‘;’f, $*},‘}*{°§v{§{ on Aeronautic Cognizance by or in behalf of any person who contem- ficuvemmnut mum, plates flying in a alloon, aeroplane, hydroplane, or other machine or ° ' evice over or near any mihtary or naval orces, ca.-Exp, fort, battery, torpedo station, arsenal, munition factory, navy y , naval station, coaling station, telephone or wireless or signal station, or any building or office connected with the National De ense, or any place or region within the jurisdiction or occupation of the United States which may be designated by the President as a zone of war-like operations or of war- ike preparation. in Il. The license will specify the person to whom it is issued, the g °°°°m°d machine to be used, the persons to operate the machine and all other persons to be carried therein, the mode of marking or otherwise identifying the machine, and other details intended to assure the military and naval forces of the peacefulness of the errand.