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1786 PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. O'g*‘¤*”“°°· The members of each company, battalion and regiment, and of sa1d medical personnel attached thereto, hereby drafted into the military service of the United States shall be embodied m organizations ,°,,A§§lg§Z,"2§'§°,j’,{,,?°" corresponding to those of the Regular Army. The officers of said organizations and staff department who are drafted and whose offices are provided for in ike organizations of the Regular Army are hereby appointed omcers in the Army of the United States m the arm or department and in the grades in which they now hold commissions as officers of said National Guard, such agpointments to be effective, subject to acceptance, on and from the rst day of June, nineteen hundred and eighteen, and each of them, subject to such acce tance, is hereby assigned as of said date to the organization in the Erm of the United States composed of those who were members °,§{,,°“}‘,€°mm*’°*°“°° of the National Guard of the Territory of Hawaii. The noncommissioned officers of said organizations the members of which are hereby drafted, and all noncommissioned officers of the medical persormel of said National Guard who a1‘e hereby drafted, are hereby appointed noncommissioned officers in their present grade in the organizations of the Army com sed of said members or in the corresponding staff de artment thiereof, and shall in each case have °°°°' °"“’°°°"‘°“‘ the same relative ranli) as heretofore; and all other enlisted men in said organizations are hereby confirmed in the Army of the United States in the grades and ratings held by them in the National Guard of the Territory of Hawaii in all cases where such des and ratings correspond to grades and ratings provided for i.u%lie organizations of the Retgular A1'H1y, all such appointments of noncommissioned officers an confirmations of other enlisted men in their grades to be without prejudice to the authority of subordinate commanders in mmm I reslpect to promotions, reductions and chan es in enlisted personnel. q,,g,,,u,m° t°"°°' ach of said regiments of said National (guard of the Territor of Hawaii and each o anization thereof will, until further orders, gear the same name an?designation as was borne by it while a` part of the National Guard of the Territor of Hawaii. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the_seal of the United States to be affixed. DONE in the District of Columbia this twenty-eighth (28th) day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred [sun.] and eighteen, and of the independence of the United States of America the one hundred and forty-second. Woomzow Winsor: By the President: Ronmzr Laxsmo . Secretary ey" State.

 Br THE Pnnsmnyr or THE UNITED STATES or Amnmca

A PROCLAMATION Tming with "‘° WHEREAS paragraph (c) of Section Two of the Act entitled i SHED] . igisimgiem "An Act To define, regulate, and punish trading with the enemy, ’ ‘ and for other plurposes/’ approved October 6 1917, known as the Trading with the enemy Act, provides that the word "enemy" as used therein shall be deemed to mean, for the purpose of such trading and_of said Act, in addition to the individuals, partnerships or other l)Od1BS·Qf individuals or corporations specified in para aph (a) and 1nfHadd1t1or;Hto gm Government and poliltlical or municigzir subdivisions o cers, 9 cia _, a ents or avencies thereof s ine in a h (bi of said Sectiongfwo, the following: Pm P mgmp