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to Prevent in Time of War Departure From_and Entréy Into the arm. ° United States Contrary to the Public Safeg/’ it rsfprovrde as follows:

Be it enacted by the Senate and P ouse 0 Rerireseutatryes of the United States of America in COI%gl'6SS assembled, That when the United States is at war, if the resident shall find that the ublic safety requires that restrictions and Elrgohrbrtrons m addition to those provided otherwise than b t Act be imposed u on the departure of ersons from and, their entry mto the Uihited States and shali) make public proclamation thereof, it shall, until otherwise ordered by the President or Congress, be unlawful-

(a) For any alien to de art from or enter or attempt to depart from or enter the United) States except under such reasonable rules, regulations, and orders, and suibject to such limitations and exceptions as the President shall prescribe;

(b) For an person to transport or attempt to transport from or into the United States another person with knowledge or reasonable cause to believe that the departure or entry of such other erson is forbidden by this Act;

(c) Tor any person knowingly to make any false statement in an a plication for permission to depart from or enter the United States with intent to induce or secure the granting of such permission either for himself or for another;

(d) For any person knowingly to furnish or atternipt to furnish or assist in to anot er a permit or evi ence of permission to depart or enter not issued and des@ed for such other erson’s use;

(e) Tor any person knowingly to use or attempt to use any permit or evidence of permission to depart or enter not issued and designed for his use;

(f) For any person to forge, counterfeit mutilate, or alter, or cause or procure to be forged, counterfeited, mutilated, or altered, any ermit or evidence of permission to depart from or

(g) the United Statgeg; 1 or an erson ow1ng` to use or attem t to use or furnish to arioiher for use anjy false, forged, ciirmterfeited, mutilated, or altered permit, or evidence of permission or an permit or evidence of permission which, though originally valiri as become or been made void or invalid.

Sec. 2. That after such proclamation as is rovided for by the preceding section has been made and published and while said proclamation is in force, it shall, except as otherwise provided y the President, and subject to such limitations and exceptions as the President ma authorize and prescribe, be unlawful for any citizen of the United States to depart from or enter or attempt to depart from or enter the United States unless he bears a valid passport.

Sec._3. That any person who shall wilfully violate any of the provisions of this Act, or of any order or proclamation of the resident promulgated, or of any permit, rule, or regulation issued thereunder, shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $10,000, or, if a natural person, imprisoned for not more than twenty years, or both; and the officer, director, or agent of any corporation who knowingly participates in such violation shall be punished by like fine or un risonment, or both; and any vehic e or an vessel, together witlh its or her appurtenances, equipment, tackle, apparel, and furniture, concerned in any such violation, shall be forfeited to the United States.

Sec. 4. That the term "United States/’ as used in this Act includes the Canal Zone and all territory and waters, continental or insular, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. The word "person" as used herein shall be deemed to mean any mdrvrdua , partnership, association, company, or other