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1866 PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. Dominion of Canada into the United States or from the United States into the Dominion of Canada, an accurate statement of the contents. b§’§f’ °' °°“ “°"g° Regulation 11.——Sa1e of migratory game birds lawfully held in cold storage July 31, 1918. uv-tjlmrional r¤s¤¤¤~ addition;] mgulation to be known as Regulation 11 shall read as o ows: T"‘“"°“"’ *’°"”""‘ A person authorized by a permit issued bg the Secretary may possess and may sell and transport until mid t of March 31, 1919, the carcasses of migratory game birds lawfniilly killed and by him lawfully held in cold storage on July 31, 1918, to any person for actual consumption, or to the keeper of a hotel, restaurant, or boarding house, retail dealer in meat or game, or a club, for sale or service to their upgtrons, whomay possess such carcasses for actual consumption wi ut a permit until midnight of April 5, 1919. °°‘“""‘ Regulation 12.-itaétse laws for the protection of migratory ir . u°{;<}dm¤¤¤* *¤¢¤l¤· Anuadditional regulation to be lmown as Regulation 12 shall read as o ows: ¤ {},‘§;;,,,,'$"‘°' Nothing in these regulations shall be to permit the talging, possession, sale, purchase, or transportation of migratory birds, their nests and eggs contrary to the laws and regulations of any State, Territory, or District made for the purpose of giving further protection to migratory birds, their nests, and e when such laws and regulations are not inconsistent with the §nvention between the United States and Great Britain for, the protection of migratory birds concluded August 16, 1916, or the Iliignto Bird Treaty Act, and do not extend the o en seasons for suc birg beyond the dates prescribed b£ these relgulistions. ,,,,‘},,*’f"°'“‘ °‘ ‘°"“"‘ NOW, EFO E, I, WOODROW WHSON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF ALIERICA, DO HEREBY APPROVE AND PROCLAIM the foregoing amendatory and additional vrggulations. IN TNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set ma hand and caused the seal of the United States of America to be afliced. DONE in the District of Columbia, this twenty-fifth diy of October, in the year of our Lord One Thousand ine Hun- [SEAL.] and Eighteen and of the Independence of the United States of America the One Hundred and Forty- Woonnow W1LsoN By the President: Ronnnr Lzmsmo Secretary of State.

 BY rim Pnnsmnwr or rm: Uxrrnn Srirrss or Ammrca

A PROCLAMATION E"“"°S and °°'“"‘ WHEREAS Under and by virtue of an Act of Convr t'tl d bev . 1 GSS BTI I 8 §*>%?i>1i§[9 "An Act to provide further for the national securityb and defense

    • " ‘ by encouraging the production conserving the supply, and consm __ trolling the distribution of food groducts and_fuel", approved by

“°°¤’ P'°"‘S*°”—“· the President on the 10th day of ugust, 1917, It IS providled among other things as follows: