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1868 PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. Cum P'°‘*“°°”· All persons, firms, corporations and associations, engaged in the business of importing, manufacturing or distributing oat flour, raw corn flakes, buckwheat or buckwheat products._ wl.‘;,§,§j,§’g8‘;**“g ‘°°d All persons, firms, co orations and associations, not already so ` licensed, ed in thenbusiness of operating warehouses or other places any food or feed commodities are stored for hire; E"“’l°°“""°“· All persons, firms, corporations and associations, not already so licensed, engaged in the business of importing, manufacturing or distributing: ` Chinese Vegetable tallow Mutton tallow Coconut stearine Neatsfoot oil Coconut olein Neutral lard Cod Oil Oleo stearine Cod liver oil Oleo stock · Cohune oil Olive Oil Fish and marine animal oils Rape seed oil Lard Oil Sesame oil Lard Stearine ’ Shea nut oil · Linseed oil ‘ Sunilour seed oil Mustard seed oil Tallow . And all other animal or vegetable fats and bils, including _ hydrogenated fats or oils, which are in whole or part edible, E , or which may be made edible; · _ L§,‘§§*Z,‘§§’,*2,§;m_ EXCEPT those specifically exempted by said Act of Congress, are herebiy regluired to secure, on or before November 15, 1918, a license, w ich 'cense will be issued under such rules and regulations _ _ governing the conduct of the business as may be prescribe . A$,Ef§,*,°§§,§€§§f° F°°° All persons hereby made subject to license must apply, specifying the kind of license desired, to the United States Food Administration, License Division, Washington, D. C., on forms prepared by it for that purpose, which may be secured on request. p§$,"§,?;lt’ f°' “°“°°‘“‘ Any person, firm, corporation or association other than those hereinbefore excepted, who shall engage in or carry on an business Am 278 hereinbefore specified after November 15, 1918, without fiist secur- “’ p' ‘ igggpch license, will be liable to the penalty prescribed by said Act o . IN WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be ailixed. Done in the District of Columbia, this 2nd da of November, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and {sun,.] Eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the One Hundred and Forty-third. A Woonaow WILSON By the President: Rorzmrr Laxsme, Secretary of State.

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A PROCLAMATION. §q¤<1sf¤r¤¤r¤1r>¤r— 'WHEREAS, the Act of Congress approved July 1, 1918 (Public p°£·lZtmt1e. No. 182-65th Congress), making appropriations for the Naval Service for the fiscal year ending une 30, 1919, and for other purposes, provides that: msgecurcrr ¤¤=¤¤¤z¤— "The President is hereby authorized and empowered, within the rim, p. rss. amounts herein appropriated therefor, to take over immediately for the United States possession of»and title to each and all of the parcels of land, inclu ing appurtenances and improvements for