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1430 SIXTY·FIFTH CONGRESS. Srss. II. Ch. 123. 1918. ·“”**¤·*·B*°'°'* The name of Austin A. Bierce, late of Company K, Twenty-first Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantiy and pay him a pension at the rate of $40fper month lieu of that he is now receiving. _ ’°“¤ W·H“°‘°’· The name 0 John W. Hunter, late of Company C, Thirty-nmth Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the _ rate of $30 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. Hwy P”°°· The name _0f Henry Price late of Company B, Eighty-second Re;giix}e;1Et0Oh1o Vohflnteaip Inf§apIEry,hand pay a pension at the ra o per mon m eu o at e is now rece1v1n . W¤¤¤=¤W·°¤¤¤¤· The name of William W. Carson late of Company Iii One hundred and forty-eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate 0 $30 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. <>¤¤=\¤¤H·'1‘¤¤=*>¤•· The name of Charles H. Trimble late of Company H, One hundred and fom·tht}1§eg11:;e1;t$l:;T(•;w York Yfpluriiteer gnltiantilry, and pay him a Pmmm pension a e ra 0 Mpgr mont m eu 0 t at eisnow receiving. iz mmm- The name of Rosella ee helpless and de d t hild f J on Magee, late of Companyilg; Sizity-second Regimpgilllt illevg Yorlg Vcllliliri Pmmmhmud teer Infantry, and pay a pension at the rate of $12 Jer month. rmmanmay. The m;me_of _A11d6l'SOD Bandy, late of Company , lvicurteenth £°?27m‘“p..°§.'10`£‘Zi“&”i?§uIEi“?i°§%'tZ“iS $333 h‘”°r.c..·v.°·."g°““‘°“ “ ‘h° R°"°" °· “°°“""" R The name of Robert S. McCrea.ry, late of Coahlipany B,_ Twenty-first .€§§‘2$Zt11:.?’?;‘B'{.Z%`¥»l3».ll‘il‘i‘L°t’°” (i“£i.“LE"i;.- "“’ 1“‘“-“ P°”‘°“ eu 0 a is now , ““'”“”’”‘*“"°· The name of Martin Brenaman, late of Compan F, gegiment Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Volunteer Infantry, and pay him lawpqnglou at the rate of $36 per month in lieu of that he is now Pension. €1V1I1g. ”°“"“°·L°"“· The name of Melissa C. Lewis, former widow of Eug Risl 1 te pifagzligpanyi C, hTwenty-fifth tiigigiment fConnectii:l11(l: Volghtger reninmxmuaa. , an pa er a nsion a e r te $25 th. L°‘“’ L“’· The name of Louis Lgaiiy, late of Coilnpgny Elxélnngohlundred and forty-thud Regiment Indiana Vohmteer Infantig, and pay him a pen- Gwm B_ muh S10r?h¤;t ;l;rgte;>fG$30 per énopfhK1n li;} of fzlét p ignow receivinlg. ure, _ _0 601*gB . O OC ' Reament Maine Volunteer Heavy Artielle E, arid pagylllgiadxlya gensipgri Dmd mmm. at e rate of $3(B>er month in lieu of thatihe is now receivmE` . mghe rflezmepih §vid Jolznaopi, laftel of Comlpany D, One undred eig y-mn egimen o 0 untee nf t d ' laecpension at the rate of $30 per month lieninoiytlhllli hd)lg1ll0?r Em w“l°°‘ The name of Elam Welch late of Com an M S' th R ' was virginia V 1 te na ’ t , (1 Hiimy ’ 1; °t§;m°“° _ of $40 per montli ilndllignli of tlhlalavyhealis nggre ll Pemmu at mw man vaascyec. . cel V1¤fi· The name of Josiah Vanscyoc late of Com an Twelfth Regiment, and Company C, Tenth Regiment, Wgst Kruginia Volunteer gdggcidnpzyrgg a. pension at the rate of $36 per month in lieu

  • °°{‘,§§§“·_ _ The name of Louisa M. B b` f ° ·

LO M Robinson late of Company C, First R)e1pS(eIht md`}? Of JESSE Robinsom and Mechanics and pa her ag-lmnsion at tg? tdlhimeer Engineers };,‘§{l’§§ci§?,,“§‘{?°°‘ Rglw ¤#1m6_0f _J0lm Sllockwelltelate of Com]l:ny0K?§e$:§g;1;jg;]3i giment Illinois Volunteer Infantry and pay him a e t th _ _ rate of $50 per month in lieu of that he is n ‘ ·p mon a e Saznucl smith. OW TGCBIVID The name of Samuel Smith, late of Company F Regim t §6“§E? ;.§;1i·¤;¢z;.Em;z·.:¤.: .£?" ““* t *""°$i;’“ *“ ***6 ****:2* . . W cr • him without deduction or rebate onmcallhlolnligt tg? Sflorrildli? liiipmii mw N- Bmw. errrlolpgtgisnpayrgignts or pyveépaymerits of pension. age e o as r . , Regiment i..a.»... €2iu¤a€§·"i%$L.rZ§? 3¤.?°‘§‘$“iEE.G’ F‘“’”°‘°"°“*h rate of S30 per month in lieu of that he now xpeeeivingll Pemwn at the