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SIXTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 250. 1920. 989 to the provisions of subdivision (c) of this section, as if this Act had not been passed. (3) The repeal shall not have the effect of extinguishing any ,)0I;*&ggc¤°<},P¤¤¤1ti¤S*¤ penalty incurred imder such Acts or {parts of Acts, but such Acts or ` parts of Acts shall remain in force or the plurpose of sustaining a prosecution for enforcement of the penalty therem provided for the violation thereof. (4) The board shall have full power and authority to complete or st§jggg}1¤g$ggkg{1tglQ)¤;; conclude any construction work begun in accordance with tlhe pro- me . visions of such Acts or parts of Acts if, in the opinion of the board, the completion or conclusion thereof is for the best interests of the United States. _ (c) As soon as practicable after the passage of this Act the board p,§$§,§ H§,‘§{‘%§§§’“d"{f shall adjust, settle, and li uidate all matters arising out of or inci- *°°*°d· dent to the exercise by or through the President of any of the powers or duties conferred or imposed upon the President by any such Act or parts of Acts; and for this purpose the board, instead of the c0g<;*gS:§°g¤¤¤mm¤ President, shall have and exercise any of such powers and duties ' relating to the determination and payment of just compensation: PMN Provided, That any person dissatisfied with any decision of the board Suit irkncsiou unshall have the same right to sue the United States as he would have s°""""‘°"·"· had if the decision had been made by the President of the United States under the Acts hereby replealed. _ _ Sec. 3. (a) That section 3 of the “Shipping Act, 1916, " is amended $’,}}}’§,‘§,€¢,$f;}§§§h; to read as follows: ai- _ _ "Sr:c. 3. That a board is hereb created to be known as the ,,,§Q’”§?,‘§,§f°‘“ Sm" United States Shi p` Board andy hereinafter referred to as the m,%>¤g<;¤» ¤P1>¤i¤t·· board. The board) sllilgll be composed of seven commissioners, to ` be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; and the President shall designate the member to act as chairman of the board, and the board may elect one of its members as vice chairman. Such commissioners shall be appointed as soon T°““'° °‘°m°°· as practicable after the enactment of this Act and shall continue in office two for a term of one year, and the remaining five for terms of two, three, fo1u·, five, and six years, res ectively, from the date of their appointment, the term of each to fic designated by the President, but their successors shall be appointed for terms of six years, except that any person chosen to fill a vacancy shall be appointed only for the unexpired term of the commissioner whom he succeeds. ‘·The commissioners shall be appointed with due regard to their ,,,3§§g§f§,f{°',§”,gt,,'{,'{,°l fitness for the efficient discharge of the duties imposed on them by this =i¤¤ of •=¤¤¤¤¤i¤¤*¤¤¢¤· Act, and two shall be appointed from the States touching the Pacific Ocean, two from the States touching the Atlantic Ocean, one from the States touching the Gulf of Mexico, one from the States touching the Great Lakes and one from the interior but not more than one _ __ shall be appointed from the same State. Niot more than four of the P°u°i°“] d""s‘°“‘ commissioners shall be appomted from the same political lparty. A vacancy in the board sha be filled in the same manner as theoriginal Pocuniary 1,,,,],,,,,. appointments. _No commissioner shall take any part in the consid- *i·>¤- eration or decision of any claim or particular controversy in which hc has a pecuniary interest. _ 0,,,,, ,m,,,,,,.m,,,,,, "Each commissioner shall devote bis time to the duties of ¤¢¤·· f·>*¤i<1¤<=¤· office, and shall not be in the employ of or hold any official relation to any common carrier or other person sub'ect to this Act, nor while holding such office acquire any stock or Jbonds thereof or become pecuniarily interested in any such carrier. _ Division M duties "'l`he duties of the board may be so divided that under its super- at. ' vision the directorship of various activities may be assigned to one or more commissioners. Any commissioner may be removed by the President for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office.