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1226 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 119. 1921. vg§¤;gg*~*°¤ °¤ *’°S°’· IRRIGATION ON INDIAN RESERVATIONS, REIMBURSABLE. ,,,§§§S,,§,“‘§,‘,§f§°;,,“;,‘}{,‘}Z For the construction, repair and maintenance of irrigation systems, ¤¤¤· and for purchase or rental of, irrigation tools and apphances, water rights, ditches, and lands necessary for irrigation purposes for Indian reservations and allotments; for operation of irrigation systems or a urtenances thereto when no other funds are applicable or availahlia for the purpose; for drain e and protection of irrigable lands from damage by floods or loss dfwater rights, upon the ndian irrigation projects named below: _ _ _ m,,Ag‘f°m°“" ‘° *1*** Irrigation district one: Round Valley Reservation, California, $1,000. Irri ation district two: Shivwits, $500; Walker River Reservation, Iqevada, $8,000; Western Shoshone Reservation, Idaho and Nevada, $3,500; total, $12,000. Irrigation district three: Tongue River, Montana, $2,000. Irrigation district four: Ak Chin Reservation, Arizona, $4,000; Coachella Valley umping plants, California, $11,000; Owens River Valley rojects, (iialifornia, $2,000; Soboba Reservation, Califomia, $750; Micro o Reservation, Califomia; $8,000; Pala Reservation and Rinconl§eservation, California, $2,500; Tule River Reservation, California, $5,000; miscellaneous projects, $10,000; total, $43,250. Irrigation district five: New Mexico Pueblos, $15,000 · Zuni Reservation, New Mexico, $4,500; Navajo and Hopi, miscellaneous pro- §_cts, Arizona, including Tes-nos-Eos, Moencopi Wash, Kin-le-c ee, ide Ruins, Red Lake, Corn Cree , Wepo Wash, Oraibi Wash, and _ Polacca Wash, $15,000 ; total, $34,500. pe’,§,j?,‘;{‘°‘s‘”“'° °" For necessary miscellaneous expenses incident to the general nggswvisinz msi- adminicigagion of Indian irrigation projects, including salaries of not ` to exc ve supervis` en eers: In Indian irrigationllddtiistdginonez Oregon, Washington, northern California, northern Idaho, $10,000; In Indian irrigation district two: Southern Idaho, Nevada, and Utah, $12,500;_ D Ilp Indgsiui :.)r(1;1gation district three: Montana, Wyoming, and South a ota, , 0; In Indian irrigation district four: Central and southern California and southern Arizona, $15,500; In Indian irrigation district five: Northern Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, $12,000; “"°‘“' °“‘“"· S For coppeéragive stream gauging with the United States Geological urvey, 2, ; p,§;§_;',jf*§{c'{”g """ For necessary surveys and investigations to determine the feasiva. :¤,p.sss. bihty and estimated cost of new projects and wer and reservoir sites on Indian reservations in accordance witgothe provisions of _ section 13 of the Act of June 25, 1910, $1,000; ,,,§,,’§{°°‘“"°“‘ ‘“*’°' Irrigation district one: Colville Reservation, $6,000; irrigation district five: Southern Ute Reservation, Colorado, $14,000; total, $20,000; the above amounts to be paid out of tribal fimds; reimbursable under such rules, regulations, and conditions as the Secret of the Interior may prescribe. `,§f*g'cf¤’¢*¤°°’·*”*"· Alger pay of one chief irrigation engineer, $4,000; one assistant chief irrigation engmeer, $3 ,000 ;_ one superintendent of irrigation compe- Tmd, em ur tent to pass upon Water rights, $2,500; one field cost accountant pew,. ’ $2,250; and for travolgllg incidental expenses of officials and employees of the Indian irrigation service including sleeping-car fare, and a per d1em_ not exceeding $3.50 in lieu of subsistence whm actually employed in the field and away from dmignated headquarters, $6,000; total, $17,750; ,