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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. 111. Cns. 151-153. 1921. 1363 ment and retirement, at the option of the land bank, at any time _ after the minimum period specified in the bonds, which shall not be m¥§§Q°?s,°m°°°d t° longer than ten years from the date of their issue. They shall have interest coupons attached, payable semiannually, and shall be issued in series of not loss than $50,000, the amount and terms to be fixed _ _ by the Federal Farm Loan Board. They shall bear a rate of interest I°t°r°Smm`°' not to exceed 5 per centum per annum." Approved, March 4, 1921. CHAP. 152.-An Act To amend section 3 of an Act entitled "An Act to provide Mlr;i14gb·iil2L for the leasing of coal lands in the Territory of Alaska, and for other purp0ses," lP¤bli¤·N°·38°-I approved October 24, 1914. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United States Y America in Congress assembled, Tgdt section 3 of the Act x‘itii°i§`pi°iii»if¤§(ieiia. entitle "An Act to provide for the leasing of coal lands in the °di_m,,,gp,,,,,,S,,,,,S_ Territory of Alaska, and for other purposes} a roved October 24, 1914, be, and the same is hereby, amended by adding to said section the following proviso: Pm tm mm And prooided_further, That where prospecting or exploratory work mtenpzica. g P S is necessary to determine the existence or workability of coal deposits in any unclaimed, undeveloped area in Alaska, the Secretary of the Interior may issue prospecting permits for a term of not to exceed four years, under such rules and regulations and conditions as to development as he may prescribe, to afpplicants qualiiied under this Amt Act, for not to exceed two thousand ve hundred and sixty acres, and if within the time s ecified in said permit the permittee shows to the Secretary of the liiiterior that the land contains coal in com- mm to um, mercial uantities, the permittee shall be entitled to a lease under ¤¤s1:¤u¤u.pmm this Actiior all or any part of the land in his permit. Approved, March 4, 1921. March 4, 1921. CHAP. 153.-—An Act To authorize the coinage of a 50·cent piece in commemora- tion of the one hundredth anniversary of the admimion of Missouri into the Union. [P“bl’°· I"°·38rl Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United nimm ammnuin. States of America. in Congress assemble , That in commemoration of ,,,“§°§,§,’§“§,'2§';}§ the one hundredth anniversary of the admission of Missouri into the r¤<==¤·¤¤=¤·>¤··>*~ Union there shall be coined at the mints of the United States 50-cent Numxm. pieces to the number of two hundred and iii ty thousand, such 50·cent ieces to be of the standard trply weight, composition, diameter, device, and design as shall be iixe by the Director of the Mint, with the approval o the Secretary of the Treasury, which said 50—cent xegmzmuer. pieces shall be legal tender in any payment to the amount of their acc Value- Coinage laws made Sm:. 2. That all laws now in force relating to the subsidiary silver °¤P“°°bl°· coins of the United States and the coining or striking of the same, regulating and guarding the process of coinage, providing_for the purchase of mater1a.l_ and for the transportation, distribution, and redemption of the coms, for the prevention of debasement or commterfeiting for security of the coin, or for an other purposes, whether said laws are penal or otherwise, shall, so gr as ap licable, apply to mama. _ the coin e herein authorized: Provided, That tge United States e,,§° °‘*’°“’°"" "‘°* shall n0t%e subject to the expense of making the necessary dies and other preparations for this coinage. Approved. March 4, 1921.