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SIXTY-SIXTH ooxonsss. sm. III. cs. 161. 1921. 1397 clerk, mechanics, gardeners, fertilizers, repairs to pavements, walks, and roadways, $46,000. _ For repairs and improvements to steam fire-engine house, Senate €,§°P"'” ‘° "*’b’°S· and House stables, and Maltby Building, including personal services, $1,500; this and the three foregoing sums may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, be expended for purchases of articles P°'°h“s°S· without reference to section 4 of the Act approved June 17, 1910, "'°*·3“»P· 531- concerningBpurchases for executive departments. Maltby uilding: The sum of $7,000 is hereb made available out §{§Q§§’SB},‘,§{*h‘§§,,€d of any appropriation for the Federal Board for lliocational Education frgm V<>·==··¢i¤¤=a¤ E<1¤· for necessaigllpepairs to the Maltby Building during the occupancy °3 `°° appr°p"°°°°S` of said buil g by said board, said sum to be expended under the supervision and direction of the Superintendent of the Capitol Building and Grounds. For repairs and improvements to the courthouse, District of %{,‘,§'$§f‘§€,;_D‘ °‘ Columbia, including repair and maintenance of the mechanical equipment, and for labor and material and every item incident thereto, $3,000, to be expended under the direction of the Superintendent of the Capitol uilding and Groimds and to be aid 40 per centum out o the Treasury of the United States and) 60 per D,Sg?.f,§ }’§§G§°,};§_"°“‘ centum out of the revenues of the District of Columbia. rtmuc LANDS smzvrcn. P“"“°‘“°dS· Registers and receivers: For salaries and commissions of re ters w?§‘;§§j"’” ’“"’ “* of district land offices and receivers of public moneys at jislrict land offices, at not exceeding $3,000 per annum each, $450,000: Provided, That the President IS authorized to consolidate the offices §,’§@‘;§·mm0udmd of registers and receivers at Alliance, Nebraska, and at Vancouver gg Awww. dN;g£, and attlé, Washington, and by Executive order to require either tlggg an ` officer, upon resignation of the other, to give an additional bond and to perform the duties of both offices. All the powers, duties, obligations, and penalties imposed by law u on both the register and receiver of said office shall be exercised by and imposed upon the officer remaining in control, whose compensation shall be a salary of $500 per annum, together with the ees and commissions otherwise allowable to both register and receiver, but the salary, fees, and commissions of such officer shall not exceed $3,000 per annum. Contingent expenses of land offices: For clerk hire, rent, and °°°"“°'°‘“°°"°““"`“’ other incidental expenses of the district land offices includin the _ _ expenses of depositing public money; per diem. in lieu of su§sist· P°'d‘°°"‘"’““°°“°"‘ ence, of clerks detailed to examine the books and management of district land offices and to assist in the operation of said offices, and in the opening of new land ofnces and reservations, when allowed pursuant to section 13 of the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act ap- "°*·35·P-*’$°· proved August 1, 1914, and for actual necessary traveling expenses _ of said clerks: Provided, That no expenses chargeable to the Gov- €§§;f,’[;,m,(., ,p ernment shall be incurred by registers and receivers in the conduct ¤*¤<‘*¤d· of local land omces except upon revious specilic authorization by the Commissioner of the General lliand Office, $400,000. V _ Depredations on public timber, protecting public lands, and set- tuiiiiiuiioimggriih tlement of claims for swamp land and swamp—land indemnity: For Swamp *3**** °*¤“—*=$· protecting timber on the public lands, and for the more eiiicient execution of the law and rules relaf to the cutting thereof; of ‘"‘“’p"2°?‘ protecting public lands_from illegal aliid fraudulent entiéyoor appropriation, and of adjusting claims for swamp lands, an _ indemnity or swamp lands, including not exceeding $15,000 for clerical services in bringing up and making current the work of the General Land 0Hice, $550,000, including not exceed.i.pg1$35,000 for the purchase of motor-propelled passenger-carrying v `cles for the use of agents