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1398 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 161. 1921. and others employed in the Held service and for operation, mainte- ,,__, nance, and exchange of same and for operation and maintenance ségéiizstsy. of a motor boat: Provided, That the compensation of the chief of Held service employed hereunder, including his services in the District of Columbia, shall not exceed $3,500 per annum and the compensation of all others employed hereunder shall not exceed $2,700 Pcrdiemsubsistem per annum each, except in Alaska, where a compensation not to ` exceed $3,000 per annum may be allowed: Bropzded further, That V I GQ agents and others employed under this appropriation mafy be allowed ° ‘ 33’P‘ `°‘ r diem m lieu of su sistence, pursuant to section 13 0 the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act approved August 1, 1914, and actual nec- Maska www essary expenses for tranaslportation, except when agents are employed in Alaska they may be owed not exceeding $5 per day each m eu of su sistence. ,,§’§?§§,‘,,,",g‘Q,‘1,§°,,“,l,‘§‘f" For the protection of the so-called- Oregon and California Railroad rmzmmg, lands and Coos Bag Wagon Road lands: To enable the Secretary of the Interior, wit _ the cooperation of the Secretarg of Agriculture or otherwise, as in his judgment may be most advisa le, to establish VO, 39 P 2,8 and maintain a patrol to prevent trespass and to guard against and COO; ik, wagon check Hres upon the lands revested in the United States y the act Rf? *3;-***;- wg approvpd June 9, 391;, andtlthe lands ligngwn las theOCoos Bag Wagon °‘ ’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Road ands invo ve in e case 0 out ern regon ompany again? I;ni}1;edNStal1;eg (nurpbered 2711, ·in the Circuit Court of e . . Ap .s o the int ircuit , $25,000. miles. g m md ggarings in land entries: For hearinGgs or other roceedings held by order of the Commissioner of the eneral Land)Oiiice to determine the character of lands; whether alleged fraudulent entries are Pmm of that character or have been made in compliance with law; and of Fees ai aspaaam. hearings in disbarment proceedings, $25,000: Provided, That where de ositions are taken for use in such hearings the fees of the officer taking them shall be 20 cents per folio for taking and certifying same and 10 cents per folio for each copy furnished to a party on Reproducing plats m¥’18St° · _ . . or sumys. eproducing 8gtS of surveys. To enable the Commissioner of the General Land ce to contmue to reproduce worn and defaced official plats of surve on Hle, and other lats constituting a part of the records of said oésce, to furnish local land offices with the same, and for reproducing by photolithography original plats of surveys www, ,0m,, prelpared in the offices of surveyors general, $6,000. Lmvenxsing resibra estoration of lands in forest reserves: To enable the Secretary of “°” °"°‘“°““‘ the Interior to advertise the restoration to the ublie domain of lands m forest res:;ves or of lands temporarily witrhdrawn for forest . I ,. X reserve urposes, ,500. ergaluomgm eutryisl Openiixg Indian reservations (reimbursable): For expenses per·· taining to the opemng to ent? and settlement of such Indian reser- §;¤u¤;¢g>&mmm Rtipngmds as may be opens dltilhing the fiscal year 1922: Provided, ` a the expenses pertaining to e o n1ng` f h f `d ·· tions and dpaid for out of this appropliiiiation ghiillcbeordiidbdgtdvgo the Unite _ States from the money received from the sale of the lands embraced m said reservations, respectively, $7,500, E°"°’i”" srmvnrmc rm: runmc LANDS. Enum For survefys and re-surveys of public lands, examinations of surveys hereto ore made and reported to be defective or fraudulent, ‘*”""" lm inspecting mineral dep0s1ts, coal Holds, and timber districts, making fragmentary surveys, such other surveys or examinations as may be required for identriication of lands for p oses of evidence 23 “”’· im Z? ‘2'§’.Z”°°eZi’“gmml¤s’“ ·b°h“H ¥fa“§°g.,’}‘°%’ oae“d“ $3 pm.;.,.,._ perv1sion ioner o hmmm direction of the Secretary of the Interior, $703:.000: Pro•n3ded,6Th•$