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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 161. 1921. 1423 In uir res ectin food fishes: For inquiry into the causes of the Fyid "’*l‘°"°° i“‘ decrdlise {af folod fishes in the waters of the United States, and for qw Y investigation and experiments in respect to the aquatic animals, plants, and waters, in the interests 0 fish culture and the fishery industries, including expenses of travel and preparation of reports, $45,000. _ _ _ Statistical in uiry: For collection and compilation of statistics of S°“"""”‘“"q°"Y· the fisheries and the study of their methods and relations, including travel and preparation of reports and all other necessary expenses in connection therewith, $20,000. _ Sponge Hsheries: For protecting the sponge fisheries, including §J}°0§°§°u$,°},‘j‘;'{c°f· emp opment of inspectors, watchmen, and temporary assistants, V¤¤-38»v~6¤2- hire 0 boats, rental of office and storage, care of seized sponges and other property, travel, and all other expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act of August 15, 1914, to regulate the sponge fisheries, $3,000. I Alaska, gpneral service: For rotecting the seal Hsheries of Alaska, mh ’g°°°r° sm` including the furnishing of food; fuel, clothing, and other necessities ,,f;_§’°*,§j,§‘°{§,“ng{;’f,§_g‘ of life to the natives of the Pribilof Islands of Alaska, transportation em ' of supplies to and from the islands, elrlzpenses of travel of a ents and other employees and subsistence w e on said islands, and maintenance of vessels, and for all expenses necessary to c out Va 36 the rovisions of the Act entitled "An ct to protect the sealafi-diaries ' p' m' of iglaska, and for other purp0ses," appiroved A ril 21, 1910, and for the protection of the fisheries of Alas a, including travel, hire of boats, employment of temporary labor, and all other necessary expenses connected therewith, $165,000. _ Sam W Saratoga (Wyoming) iish hatchery: For construction of quarters Amsi?§‘;,¢ stgtlihn at for employees, and or establishment and equipment of auxiliary S¤8°C*°¤*· station at Sage Creek, $10,000. BUREAU or srimnsnns. S¤¤¤d¤¤’d¤ B¤¤¤¤¤· Tesf of large scales: For investigation and testing of railroad T°““" hm wl"` track d-i21§les, elevator scales, and other scales used in weighing commodities for interstate shipments and to secure equipment and assistance for testing the sc es used by the Government in its transactions with the u lic, such as post office, navy yard, and customhouse scales, andp for the p1u·pose of cooperating with the States in securin uniformity in the weights and measures laws and in the methodi of inspection, including personal services in the District of Columbia and m the Held, $40,000. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. ,,,,?°"""’°“° °' “‘ rmmonyrrou STATIONS. I¤¤¤*8¤¤° =*¤¤°¤¤· Ellis Island, New York: F,,u§,l,*;'?,,‘§,‘_;,,,_, and For new service pumps for water supply, including installation, *'°¤¤*¤· $11,000; For repairing ferry bridge at Ellis Island landing; $7,500; For grading and concrete sidewalks, Island finnbered Three, $4,000; For renewals to plumbing equipment, Island Numbered One, including installation, $20,000; For an elevator in administration building, contagious diseases hospital group, including installation, $12,500; In all, $55,000.