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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 24. 1919. 227 approved March 4, 1907, and without reference to section 4 of the V°*- 39 P- 531- Act approved June 17, 1910, concerning purchases for executive depgrtments. _ e Department of the Interior and the Union Station group of m§,2§§’€l§§§,S§{{‘r$,‘}° f°' temporary housing shall reimburse the Capitol power plant for current supplied during the fiscal year 1920 and the amounts so reimbursed sh be credited to the appropriations for the said plant and be available for the purposes named therein. _ _ Joint Commission on Reclassiiication of Salaries: For an additional ng€iZ`§li(iri§ii•iriS$ils§i1l amount to enable the commission to complete the reclassiiication of °'i°$- _ _ salaries in accordance with the requirements of section 9 of the nfI»$Sm°”°l”PP’°p“` Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriation Act for the fiscal V°‘- "°·P- *269- year 1920, $50,000. C0 mm mi For allowance to Zebulon Weaver, contestee in the contested elec- exgsliisa. ° °° tion case of Britt versus Weaver, Sixutg-fifth Congress, for expenses °"“1°" w°°"°'· incurred bg him in that case and actu y paid out, as ascertained by Elections ommittee Numbered Three, $2,000. mm I Bm, For payment to James J. Britt for expenses incurred in the contested ` election case of Britt versus Weaver, 811:%-fifth Conlgress, audited and ggcommended by the Committee on lections umbered Three, ,000. _ eovr·:RNM;ENr PRINTING orrrcrc. i.§‘B’s;::?°““ "'“‘** rurrmo rnmrmo AND nmnmo. Office of Public Printer: Public Printer, $6,000; piuchasing agent, calQilig°§e'$$°Zir€Ej $3,600; chief clerk, $2,750; accountant, $2,500; assistant purchasing °‘°· agent, $2,500; cashier and paymaster, $2,500; clerk in charge o Congressional Record at the Capitol, $2,500; private secretary, $2,500; assistant accounta.nt,$2,250; chief timekeeper,$2,000; aying teller, $2,000; ¢l€I`kS-·fO'\11‘ at $2,000 each, ten of class four, en of class three, twelve of class two, ten of class one, fifteen at $1,000 each, eleven at $900 each, one $840; paymaster’s guard, $1,000; doorkeepers—~—chief, $1,200, one $1 ,200; Eve assistants at $1,000 each; two messengers, at $840 each; delivery men—chief $1,200, five at $950 each; telephone switchboard operator, $720; three assistant telephone switchboard operators, at $600 each; seven messenger boys, at $420 each; in all, $153,930. Deputy ,,,,,,1,,, Oflice of Deputy Public Printer: Deputy Public Printer, $4,500; Pri¤¤¤r.¤1¤r!¤,¤tc. clerks—one of class three, one of class two, one $840; messenger; in any $9;180• · , , Watch force. Watch force: Captain, $1,200; two lieutenants, at $900 each; sixty- four watchmen; in all, $49,080. _ _ H°,my,_ Holida s: To enable the Public Prmter to comply with the provisions oiy the law granting holidays and the Executive order ge;-ntrng half holidays with pay to the employees of the Government ting OECB, _ _ _ jggvgqgfgbggngg, Leaves of absence: To enable the Public Prirrterto comply with the revisions of the law granting thirpihdays annual leave to the emlplloyees of the Government ce, $477,000. _ _ _ Pubuc ,,,,,,,,,8 md or public printing, public binding, and paper for public printing biiiléigbu mm,. and binding, including the cost of printing the debates and proceedings of Congress in the Congressional Record, and for hthographmg, mapping, and engraving, for both Houses of Congress the Supreme Court of the United States, the Sulpgeme Court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the brary of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the International Bureau of American Republlcs, the Executive Office, and Om mm, M the departments; for salaries, compensation, or W of all neces- umm sary employees additional to those herein specm appropriated