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230 srxrrsrxrrr cononnss. sees. 1. oa. 24. 1919. C°’**”‘¥“° °’ “°°°*‘ Money appro riated rmder the foregoin allotments shall not be my mqwm expended for priirting or binding for any of tie executive departments or other Government establishments, except such as shall be certified m writing to the Public Printer by the respective heads or chiefs thereof to be necessary to conduct the ordinary and routine business required bylaw of such executive departments or Government establishments, and except such reports, monographs, bulletins, or other publications as are authorized bylaw or specifically (provided for in appropriations herein; all other printing required or eemed necessary or desirable by heads of executive departments or other Government establishpients or offices or buriaus thereof shall be done only as Congress shall rom time to time authorize. R°S“'i°°*°° °“ ¥’°Y‘ No art of an money a ropriated in this Act shall be aid to any mdemedempmym persorgemployedr in the Golivlernment Pl'lI1lGlD§OmC9 while detailed for or performing service in any other executive ranch of the lpublic service of the United States unless such detail be authorized y law. u·,‘;§,,°§,¥,*,§,'§,?“§§‘w,$ All expenditures from appropriations made herein under Governwww- ment Printing Ofhce, except appropriations for salaries and for stores and general expenses in and for the office of superintendent of documents, shall be e uitably apportioned and charged by the Public Printer to each pullilication or work executed under any of the foregoing allotments, so that the total charges for work done from the apprfqpriations aforesaid shall not be less than the total amount actu y expended from all of said appropriations. ,,,§'f,°§,,f orrrcn or snrmnrnrnxnrmr or nocmmnrs. S“]“"°“‘ Superintendent, $3,500· assistant su erintendent, $2,500; clerkstwo of class four, three of class three, Eve of class two, eight of class one, eleven at $1,000 each, ten at $900 each, twenty-four at $840 each; cataloguers—one rn charge, $1,800, two at $1,500 each, four at $1,200 each, one $1,100, eight at $1,000 each, four at $900 each; cashier, $1,600 ; librarian, $1,500 ; foreman, $1,600• assistant foreman, $1,200; gabororégcgzsary rrégliring distribution of, Government publications, _ 116, . ; in , 5,393.20. °°“"”g°°‘°“’°"“s· For furniture and fixtures, typewriters, carpets, labor—saving machines and_ accessories, time stamps adding and numbering machines, awnings, curtains, books of reference, directories, books, miscellaneous office and desk supplies; paper; twine, lue, envelopes, postage, car fares, soap, towels, disinfectants, and ice; drayage, express, freight, telephone and telegraph service; repairs to building, elevators, and machmery; preserving sanit condition of building, light, heat, and power; stationexz and dfgbe printing, includin banks, price lists, and brbliogrqp ies, $39,000; for catalo es and indexes, not exceeding $16,000; or binding reserve remaindldrs, and for supplying books to depository libraries, $80,000; equipment, materra , an supplies for distribution of public documents, $20,000; in all, $155,000. Pmmcmi- THE PANAMA CANAL. ‘“‘_°‘”“°°*j For every expenditure requisite for and incident to the maintenance °b’°°‘“p°°‘f’°d· and operation, sanitation, and civil government of the Panama Canal and Canal Zone, including the following; Compensation of all officials and employees, mcluding $1,000 ad 'tional compensation to the Auditor for the War Department for extra services in auditing accounts for the Panama. Canal; foreign and domestic newspa ers and periodicals; law_ books not exceeding $500, textbooks and hooks of reference; printing and bindintgl, including printing of annual report; rent and personal services in e District of Columbia; purchase or exchange of typewritmg, adding, and other machines; purchase or