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sixTY.sixTH coxemsss. Sess. 1. Ch. 26. 1919. 243 authorities, or by individuals or organizations for the accomplishment . of such puriwsesz Provided, That 110 part of the money herein appro- §Z°$3?}¤rer8es,ez¤., primed sha.] be used to pay the cost 01* value of trees or other property °"’“°"°“· mj ured or destroyed; For the investigation of diseases of forest and omamental trees and Tm°S’shmbS’°t°° shrubs, including 2. study of the nature and hexbits of the parasitic fungi causing the chestnubtree bark disease, the white-pine blister rust, and other epidemic tree diseases, for the urpose of discovering new methods of control and applying methods olleraclication or control already discovered, $82.315; ‘ Whit in by For applying such methods of eradication or control of the white- mv. _°`p_ ° ism ping blister rust as in the judgment of the Secretary of Agriculture tr£E‘§°§§}§'T““d °°"` may be necessary, including the payment of such expenses aud the employment of such persons and means in the city of Whshington and elsewhere, in cooperation with such authorities of the States concerned, organizamons, or individuals as he may deem necessary to LMI mb t, accomplish such purposes, $220,728, and in the discretion of the °°° U ms' Secretary of Agriculture 110 expenditures shall be made for these urposes until a. sum or sums at least equal to such expenditures shall Eeve been appropriated, subscribed, or contributed by State, county, or local aut.h0rit1es, or by individuals or organizations for the accom- __ Hshment of such dpurposesz Provided, That 110 part. of the money §I,°{;,§°§‘§’;;°,t,ee$,,,tc_, Kerein appropriate shall be used to pay the cost or value of trees or d€$“°Y°d· other property in jured or destroyed; — (_ _ For the investigation of diseases of cotton, potatoes, truck crops, diS$§,§’§T’ °'°p°’ °t°" forage crops, drug and related lplants, $87,800; Ph _ 01 For investiga ting the physio ogy of cmp plsmt,s and for testing and ,,¤,m€§‘ °’” °’ mp breeding varieties thereof, $48,460; S H 01 t For soil-bactericlogy and plsmb·nutriti011 investigations, including ° °“°°°" °’"’° °‘ the testing of samples, rocured in the open market, of cultures for inoculeting legumes, ang if any such samples are found to be impure, Pub _ t t nouviable, or misbrsmded, the results of the tests may be published, "Smg °° s` together with the names of the manufacturers and of the persons by whom the cultures were offered for sale, $39,060; _ For soil-fertility investigations into organic causes of infertility and S°‘"°"*““°'· remedial measures, maintenance of productivity, properties and com? Kositien of soil humus, and the transformation and ormation of em} umus b soil organisms, $35,060; . For aclglixnataization and adaptation investigations of cotton, com, ,,,§;}",,,,‘”§Q‘f,';‘,§f‘ “°"' and other crops introduced from tropical regions, and for the impre;vement of cotton and other iiber plants by cultural methods, breedmg, and selection and for determining the feasibility of increasing the production of hard fibers outside of the continental United States Pmm_ $104,410: Provided, That the limitation in this Act as to the cost, el nuummp.2 fam buildixgs be increased to $2,500 in so fur as it applies @0 this é‘Jéi;¤‘$£$‘ mmpuru¥aph: ramkled further, That not less tlmn $7,509 of tins sum bfgwggmdmfot may e used for e eriments in cottouseed mterbreedmg: A4-yd pm- bm°,§’{,,,.i,,e_ videdfurther, That §)t·his amount $3,000_ma.K6be for expenments in the production of New Zealand fla.; m t _United States and for its utilxzation in the manufacture of lgmder twme; _ _ Dm pmt, em For the investigation, cestmg, and amprovement of plants ym1dm§ ’ drugs, spices, poisons, oils, and related products spd by-products, an for general physiological and fermentation mvesugatnons, $58,820; Cmp technology; For cmp technological investigations, mcluding the study of plant- nematodes. infesting nematodes, $24194Q; _ , . , . Biophysical mv¤su· {For bmphysical jlilvcstxggggyggg coxmectmu with the various Imes pew. 0 work herein authorizc , J S _ , , , qmmm¤x· mas, For studying and testing ccmmercml seeds, mcluding the teeting of mm, em. Samples of seeds of grasses, clover, or alfalfa, and lawmgress seeds T¤¤¤¤z¤¤¤¤:>*¤s· secured in the open. market., and where such samples are found tobe