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8 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1919. I¤¤¤€¤¤¤=¤ INDIAN SERVICE INSPECTORS. P“’·°‘°· For pay of six Indian Service inspectors, exclusive of one chief inspector, at salaries not to exceed $2,500 per annum and actual traveling and incidental expenses, and not to exceed $3.50 per diem in lieu of subsistence when actuality employed on duty in the field away from home or designated he quarters, $25,000. DETERMINING HEIRS.

 “°“`“ °' For the purpose of determining the heirs of deceased Indian

allottees having any right, title, or interest in any trust or restricted ~ Pr _ property, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the In- C,,,Z'§°"m 1,,.;;,,,, tenor, $100,000, reimbursable as provided by existing law: Promded, Om- That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to use not to exceed $30,000 for the em loyment of additional clerks in the Indian Oilice in connection with the work of determining the heirs of deceased Tn I and Indians, and examining their wills, out of the $100,000 appropxriated ms °‘°" herem: Provided further, That the provisions of this paragra sha.ll not apply to the Osage Indians nor to the Five Civilize of Indians in Oklahoma. ·““’“$"" *“"‘"“$I“` INDUSTRY AMONG INDIANS (REIMBURSABLE). diana. i E¤°°°¤*¤¤*8 '¤'m· For the p se of encour 'ng indust and self—su ort amo ” pi»it.°t°" M wu sup- the Indians and to aid them ihglhe culturergf fruits, graiiig and othlig crggp, $100,000, or so much thereof as ma be necessary, to be imm ately available, which sum may be used for the pure ase of seed, animals, machinery, tools implements, and other uipment neces- _ s , in the discretion o{ the Secretary of the Inotiarior, to enable igliégeat. Iiilc-hans to become self-supporting: Prmnkled, That said sum shall be expended under conditions to be rescribed by the Secret of the _ _ Interior for its re ayment to the lguited States on or beforiililune 30, L“““°“"“· 1925: Provided jgrther, That not to exceed $50,000 of the amount herein apipropriated shall be expended on any one reservation or for the bene t of any one tribe of Indians. V°'“°l°$‘ VEHICLES FOR INDIAN SERVICE.

'°' “’“"" That not to exceed $200,000 of applicable appropriations made

herein for the Bureau of Ind1an_A;tl`a1rs shall be available for the maintenance, repair, and operation of motor—pro ellcd and horsedrawn passenger-carrynw vehicles for the use ofp superintendents, pm", farmers, physicians, held, matrons, allotting, irri ation, and other r·t¤¤¤.—d. employees in the Indian field service: Promded, Tiat not to exceed $15,000 mail be used in the purchase of h0rse—drawn passengercarrying ve `cles, and not to exceed $40,000 for the purchase of motor-propelled passenver-carrying vehicles, and that such vehicles shall be used only for ohicial service. "“°`“"“‘°‘“‘ MISCELLANEOUS.

 "°"°k “ "" SUPPBESSING c0N*1‘.¤.GIoUs DISEASES AMONG LIVE sroox or nmnms,

d,;‘;§_,d"@,;”§g§ For reimbursing Indians for live stock which may be hereafter destroyed on account of being infected with glourine or other contagious diseases, and for expenses in connection with the work of eradicating and preventing such diseases, to be expended under such rule?) and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe S50. O4). i