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410 SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 75. 1920. a re ort to Congress on the first Monday in December, 1921, showing P the nrigatilon prcgecta or units thegreof where repayment of the construction c arge as een requir . SUPPRESSING LIQUOR TRAFFIC. °’E*¥·£~ g umm For the suppression of the traflic in intoxicating liquors among Indians, $65,000. RELIEVING DISTRESS, AND SO FORTH.

l;T:°°¤°°¤°¤¤ For the relief and care of destitute Indians not otherwise provided

' for, and for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, trachoma, smallpox, and other contagious and infectious diseases, including P _ transportation of patients to and from hospitals and sanatoria ussméamwuea. $350,000: Pr further, That this appropriation_may be used ‘“°¤*· °‘°- also for general medical and surgical treatment of Indians, including AH tm t t _ the maintenance and operation of general hospitals, where no other md ,{’.,q,§’§,;, ,‘§,5*§§Z funds are applicable or available or that purglosez Promkkd fur- “°"°· ther, That out of the appropriation herein au orized there shall He avgiilable forodthe igagntenanele ofdthedsaiiiitoria and hospitals erein ter nam an or inci ent an a other ex nses for their proper condiict and management, including pay of elhliiilloyees, repairs, eqiupment, and improvements, not to exmed the fo o ` amounts: B acldeet Hospital, Montana, $12,500; Carson Hosgiitzg Nevada, $10,000; Cheiyenne and Arapahoe Hcipital, Oklahoma, $10,000; Choctaw an_ Chickasaw Hospital, O ahoma, $30,000; Fort Lapwai Sanatorium, Idaho, $40,000; Laguna _Sanator1um, New Mexico, $1:7,000; Mescalero Hospital, New Mexico, $10,000;

   .*.*°.,»°°°;..§*.;·s: %°;&·2*“· e“c·:·

, · aorium na · cane osia Washinggon, $10,000; Sac ahd Fox ,Sanaitorii1mF Iowa, $25}:000; gurtle ountain Hospital, North Dakota, $10,000; Winnebago ospital Nebraskxm $15,000; Crow Creek Hospital, South Dakota, $$,000; Hoopa V ey Hospital, California, $10,000; Jicarilla Hospital, New Mexico, $10,000; Truxton Canyon camp hospital, Arizona, $10,000; Indian Oasis Hospital, Arizona, $10,000. Schools. SUPPORT OF INDIAN SCHOOLS. °,§¤PP°¤ °' P“1>“¤· For support of Indian day and industrial schools not otherwise P provided for, and other educational and industrial purposes in con- Dyj-'g;, d¤mb_ 0, nection therewith, $1i000,000: Promded, That not to exceed $40,000 bug; tm { of this amount mai e_used for the support and education of deaf homing ,c‘,QQ§,°:w,3, and dumb or blin Indian children: Provided, That all reservation ¤¤¤im¤¤ m¤¤d¤¤<>¤. and nonreservation boarding schools, with an average attendance of Pupmmmfemd less than forty-five and eig ty pupils, respectively, shall be discon- · tinued on or before the beginnrsg of the fiscal year 1921. The upils pndsichogls sohdispsontiéipem shbli be itragsferred gist, if possible, to n an ay so oo or_ a pu csc oo ; secon , to adjacent reservation or nonreservation boar h is t th li 't f th ` ,,,§’,§‘,§',,,,§,°’§‘§@,§d,‘,§*,@'f of said schools: Prowkledfu at0:i)l1 ilagv scliodllsi with aeiicgiggfdgg ¤·S¤¤¤¤¤¤¢d- attendance of less_than eiglht be, and are hereby, discontinued on or Mmm to be M geifore lthe beginning of _ e fiscal year 1921: provided further, t¤r¤edt¤th¤'1‘rc=>··¤¤¤ry. at_a moneys apptropriated for ang school discontinued ursuam; to this Act or for_ot er cause, shall e returned immediately to the Treasury of the Lnited States: Propided further, That hereafter the m%gmp,u;g;1,b?,,,§§_ Secretary of the_I¤ter10r is authorized to make and enforce such dm} ¢ C - rules and regulations as mag be necessary to secure the enrollment and regular attendance of e gible Indian children who are wards of the Government in schools maintained for their benefit by the United