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SIXTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 75. 1920. 411 States or in public schools: frwided further, That not more than m'!"{}g°¤ *¤ P¤*>'i° $200,000 of the amount herein appropriated may be expended for ` the tuition of Indian children enrolle in the public schools: And omkied further, That no part of this appropriation shall be used ,$§,§c,?,f,$,‘,'?,'f'° '°' fiir the support of Indian ay and industrial schools where specific appropriation is made. INDIAN SCHOOL AND AGENCY BUILDINGS. tuS§,{’§,°QS_“° “‘°“°’ For construction, lease, purchase, repair, and improvement of¤igi1gii=’i1ct1°n'r°p°ir' school and agency buildings, including the purchase of necessary lands and the installation, rpipair, and improvement of heating, lighting, power, and sewerage an water systems in connection therewith, P,,,,,,_,,,,_ $335,000: Promkled, That this appropriation shall be available for the stglggggisgg ¤¤¤· payment of salaries and expenses 0 lpersons emploged in the sniper- ’ ` vision of construction or repair wor of roads an bri%es an on school and agency buildings in the Indian Service: P further, Hm md mt to That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to allow employees empievees. i in the Indian Service, who are furnished quarters, necessary heat and light for such quarters without charge, such heat and light to be paid for out of the fund chargeable with the cost of heating and {Lihtintg other buildings at the same place: And provided further, N°tmclud°dmc°m_ at e amount so expended for agency purposes shall not be in- psasaueaiimu. cluded in the maximum amounts or compensation of employees V°’·"*P·““’· prescribed by section 1, Act of August 24, 1912. INDIAN SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION. T"“““p°‘°““°“‘ Collectin , etc., For collection and transportation of pupils to and from Indian and v¤1>¤¤· g public schools, and for p acing schoo pupils, with the consent of their parents, under the care an control of white families qualified to 've them moral, industrial, and educational training, $68,000: Pmim grovided, That not exceeding $5,000 of this sum ma e used for omits}; e¤p1»y· obtaining remunerative employment for Indian youths and, when "‘°""°"’“"“" necessary, for lpayment of transportation and other expenses to their places o employment: Promkle further That where practicable the R°’°"“°“°‘ transportation and expenses of fpupils shall be refunded and shall be Alun 1,,,,,;;,, returned to the arzpsrppriation rom which aid. The provisions of this section shall apply to native Indian pupils of school age under twenty-one years o age brought from Alaska. innusrnmn wom; AND clan or rmnnn. ""’°”""' "°"’°‘°‘ Timber preserva- For the purposes of preserving living and growing timber on **°“·°'°· Indian reservations and allotments, and to educate Indians in the mum proper care of forests; for the employment of suitable persons as matrons to teach Indian women and girls housekee ing and other household duties, for necessary traveling expenses of such matrops, and for furnishing necessary equipments and supplies and renting Amcultum expm quarters for them where necessary; for the conducting of experi- meutaetc. ments on Indian school or agency farms designed to test the POSSI- blhties of soil and climate in the cultivation of trees, V6g6l38· rn-mm me stockbles, cotton, and fruits, and for the employment of ractical, farmers ¤¤¤¤· and stockmen, in addition to the agency and school farmers now 6111- ployed; for necessary traveling expenses of such farmers and stockmen and for furnishing necessary equipment and supphes fol‘ and for superintending and directing farming and stock raxsipg ruumums. &I¤0I1g Indians, $460,000, of which sum not less than $75,000 sh §¤¤*•¤··”Rm‘_v•_ be used for the employment of field matrons: Provided, That the u,,,,_°“°‘“°‘ foregoing shall not, as to timber, a ply to the Menommee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin: Provided j·w·t7wr, That not to exceed