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494 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRES& Sess. II. C11. 91. 192(k "m"'°“·*?‘°" *°"· and it may employ special agents, orexeuniuers, who shall have E”m’”““°°°·°*°· authorigy imderr the order of the Commission to inspect and examine any an all accounts, records, and memoranda, including all docu-· ments, papers, and correspondence now or hereafter eaisting, and kept or required to be kept by such earners. This provision shall app y ,,,§s°{’,§§}’,}d$,‘,’§f"°‘ “’°‘ to receivers of carriers and operating trustees. The provisions of this section shall also apply to all accounts, records, and memoranda, ‘.‘i§iL"*‘“g£‘" ‘i‘2°“E°3“‘*"’ "3l’°’“’ ****5* ‘E°R;‘3P?d°”°° i‘°“' §" i‘°"°& exxs _ ep uring eperlo 0 er_ contro pace by the Prmident in the custody of carriers subject to thisailctf befgdémph ¤¤m· Sec. 436. The sixth paragresh of section 20 of the Interstate v¤1.s4.p.ss4. Cpmrgherce Act zslh-ereby amend by mserting " (6) " at the beginning _ o su paragrap _

,,§1°,';£g'°"h ”‘"“ The seventh h of section 20 of the Interstate Commerce

egf°~’*‘·P-°"··m¤¤•’· Act is hereby amen _ by striknig ept "I’ar. 7," at the begmmng Pmmpbs Mw of such paragraph and mserting 7) _ m heu thereof. _ tmc. The eigh to twelfth paragraphs, inclusive, of section 20 of the W- 3¢· m>· 594. 595- Interstate Commerce Act are ereby amended by mserting " (8)" at t 0; the eighth patileagraph, ‘f (9) " at the of the

    • ‘&e»l{”i‘%“§’!'rT‘;*’b?..’ ·(‘.°s6,f&°e,°,l§$$E”ti"gpmg..°f *‘h‘i,t°f“a¤d*¥?ff§r**Pl“z

Responsibility for the e tw th paragraph. _ ,,,,,,_ Sec. 437. e eleventh paragrgph of section 20 of the Interstate Commerce Aet is hereby amend _ by inserting immediately before Dmmimum H by the first proviso thereof the following: ¤$rge;8eg.H3;»;;¤md_ "Prm:ulcd, That if the loss, damage, or injury occurs while the ,d_ · property is m the custody of a carrier by water the habihty of such carrier shall be determined by and under the laws and regulations applicable to transportation by water, and the liability of e T hn for mm cagrier shall be the eame as that of such carrier by wate1·." _ ,mm,_ nc. 438. The third proviso of the eleventh paragraph of section 20 of the Interstate Commerce Act (not counting the proviso added Ummm mi by section 437 of this Act) is hereby amended to read as follows: ,h.,,mtim.5,mfi,§';i fuy‘¢h¢r‘, That it shall be unlawful for any such common ¤g,{gf{}é*{)*}{=;Y,;,*¤;¤1;1e¤d_ carrier to provide by rule, contract, regulation, or otherwise a shorter aa. ’ period for giving notice of claims than ninety days, for the filing of claims than four montlm, pnd_ for the institution of suits than two (yearealpuch period for institution of suits to computed from the they cueizpohf: ui Wl'lh:1§l1S Even by the earner to the claimant that mm Ommmx Spgcmedgm 91%: migcey c or any part or parts thereof New scum. _ nc. 9. e terstate_ Commerce Act is further amended b itgseirting ;£1&l'6111 tei negosectielnttleetvzdeen eecution 20 and section 21, JQ

,,,0 ,.,_ U,. esign sec on a, an re as o ows:

unistd mein. mi m "S1:c. 20a. (1) That asbused inadtleis section the $01*1;: ‘le:rrier’ _ cans a common carrier y _ _ except a treet, su ur , mterurban electric railway which is not operated als a part of a geiieriil steam railroad system of transfportation) which is subject to this Act, e;te.;1Iy§;rpomt;%n orlgamseg telestlf purpose of engaging in transpor- 00 as ailro su geo c .

,£§§,§u J5; *12) grgm (Eid after agus hundred and twenty days after this

C,,,,,,,,,&,,,,,_ section es act it sh be unlawful for any carr1er_to issue any share of capital stock or eny bond or other evidence of mterest in or mdebtednem of the carrier (hereinafter in this section collectively termed securities )_ or to assume any obligtion or liability as lessor, lessee, guar?.ntor, mdorser, surety, or o erwise, in respect of the securities 0 any other person, natural or artificial, even though permitted by the authority creating the carrier corporation, unless In um of _ 8.I1d·U.I1l»11, and then only to the extent that, u on a lication b the pmssnism. Pm carrier and after rnves tion by the Commiissionpgf th nr-pesesy and uses of the proposeii? issue and the proceeds thereof? di- 0 the