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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 214. 1920. 689 for sale to the various services of the Government. If the General chg**ef,°g'j°§;;’}]*;n ***3* Supply Committee is unable to furnish servicable machines to any ge` branc of the Government, it shall furnish unserviceable machines at current exchange prices and such machines shall then be applied by the branch of the Government receiving them as part payment for new machines from commercial sources in accordance with the Wa, Depmmm prices fixed in the preceding paragraph. After the approval of this §¤x>v1ydisp<>s=x1¤¤1y=¤ Act and until June 30, 1921, the War Department shzill not dispose upply C°mlmtt°°' of any typewriting machines excgpt to the General Supply Commit- mma. tee as authorized herein: Provide , That hereafter no typewriter that cb’,f,,°;§"§;** °** °" has been used less than three years shall be sold, exchanged, or given ` as part payment for another typewriter. D ms to . . nc. 5. That in expending approlpriations made in this Act per- oucsldept 1Zlistl·'icrl:1gl sons in the classified service in the istrict of Columbia shall not be °""‘m'°“*·'°S"""°“· detailed for service outside of the District of Columbia except for or in connection with work pertaining directly to the service at the seat of government of the department or other Government establish- P ._, ment from which the detail is made: Provided, That nothing in this n€°i»v$}ii¤p¤t_01 mssection shall be deemed to apply to the investigation of any matter §‘€‘§,g§Y°S“g“‘*°“‘ """ or the preparation, prosecution, or defense of any suit by the Department of Justice. AMR. 1 $240 Sec. 6. That all civilian employees of the Governments of the tocivilili)¤i1aemp1oyIg·:d; United States and the District of Columbia who receive a total of §§‘}n‘{fi,ff*s;{‘°;2,‘g{,,§’°; compensation at the rate of $2,500 per annum or less, except as y<=¤r.¤r1essotherwise provided in this section, s all receive, during the Hscal year ending Jime 30, 1921, additional compensation at the rate of §;",j,"§'g,,,°m,,_5m $240 per annum: Provided, That such employees as receive a total and $2.740- of annual compensation at a rate more than $2,500 and less than $2,740 shall receive additional compensation at such a rate per annum as may be necessary to make their salaries, plus their additional compensation, at the rate of $2,740 per annum, and no employee **¤¤¤’*°'>*°**· shal receive additional compensation under this section at a rate which is more than 60 per centum of the rate of the total annual Inmm 0,,920 mt compensation received by such employee: Provided further, That the computed mum-3. increased compensation at the rate of $240 per annum for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1920, shall not be computed as salary in con- i if i struing this section: Provided further, That w ere an employee in the c,g§§§l‘§~$8§ m°‘§% service on June 30, 1919, has received during the fiscal year 1920, or *"*°· mlshall receive during the fiscal year 1921 an increase of sa ary at a rate F t i www in excess of $200 per annum, or where an employee, whether previ- sing.? ;Y.{.Jl$, im, ously in the service or not, has entered the serv1ce since June 30, 1919, whether such employee has received an increase in salary or not, such employees shall be granted the increased compensation provided herein only when and upon the certification of the person in the legislative branch or the heald offfhe degartranfgiit or establishrfplent em]; loying such persons 0 the a 1 ity an qu cations person to suc . Employees as would justify such increased compensation: Provided aglllpliygis whtfaii further, That the increased compensation provided in this section to "°***°**· °‘°· employees whose pay is adjusted from time to time through wage boards or similar authority shall be taken into consideration by such wage boards or similar authority in adjusting the pay of such employees. • _ Specifoed employees The provisions of this section shall not apply to the foll0W'¤1§¤ “°'°“°‘°°°‘ Employees paid from the postal revenues and sums which may be advanced from the Treasury to meet deficiencies in the postal revenues; employees of the Panama Canal on the Canal Zone; employees of the Alaskan Engineering Commission in Alaska; officers and mem- §,"g·,§·§°’§· bers of the Metropolitan police of the District of Columbia and the United States Par police who receive the compensation fixed by the Am, ,,_ 39,, Act approved December 5, 1919; officers and members of the Fire