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700 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 217. 1920. in Fremont County, Idaho, including repairs and additions to and the erection of necessary buildings to furnish facilities for the investigation of problems pertaining to the sheep and wool industry on _ _ the farms and ranges of the Western States; _ _ _

 m' For all necessary expenses for scientific investigations in diseases of

animals, including the maintenance and improvement of the bureau experiment station at Bethesda Maryland, and the necessary alterations of buildings thereon, and the necessary expenses for investigations of tuberculin, serums, antitoxins, and analogous products, §`§g'{‘;g;,,,,, ,,,,,,,0,, $106,400: Provided, That of said sum $40,000 may be used for reonmmns. searches concerning the cause, modes of spread, and methods of treatmlgnt and prevention of the disease of contagious abortion of amma ; H°g °*¥°‘°¥"· For invest' ating the disease of ho cholera and for its control or Invest; , dem- _ 1 _ _ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤Ii§i¤ti%- eradication li? suc means as may ge necessary, mcludixsdemom strations, the formation of organizations, and other meth , either independently or in cooperation with farmers’ associations, State or §;·;u*•;{: md, in countlyeauthorities, $410,000: Provakied, That of said sum $188,280 v1m·s,¤¢`$ig shall available for expenditure in carrying out the provisions of the v°'·°’• *’· **2* Act approved March 4, 1913, regulating the preparation, sale, barter, exchange, or shipment of any virus, serum, toxin, or analogous roduct manufactured in the United States and the importation oflhuch products intended for use in the treatment of domestic animals: And ,,§§,f,';f’l°gl°°' "°' further, That of said sum $29,520 shall be available for researches concerning the cause, modes of spread, and methods of I , mdmum treatment and prevention of this disease; For all necessary expenses for the investigation, treatment, and Mmmmmm wth eradication of dourine, $65,200; For general administrative work, including traveling expenses and salaries of employees engaged in such work, rent outside of the District of Columbia, office fixtures and supplies, express, freight, telegrziph, telephone, and other necessary expenses, $26,686 ; Mm ,mW,,m_ all, for general expenses, $3,917,346. xatuammpuuses. MEAT xNsrnc·r1oN, Buangu or ANIMAL gnpusrnrz For additiogal expenses m c ° out the rovisions o the meat·ins tion ct v°l`M’p°`m’m0` of June 30, ty-fouilh Statutes at Large, pag? 674), as E , wt ,¤_ amended by the Act of March 4, 1907 (Thirty-fourt tatutes at enum. Large, page 1256) and as extended to equine meat by the Act of

  • ""'·*’·’"“‘ July 24, 1919 (Public Numbered 22, Sixty-sixth Congress, page 8)

inc uding the purchase of tags, labels, stamps, and certificates printed in course of manufacture, $892,580. Total for Bureau of Animal Industry, $5,479,156. rgllint Industry Bu` BUREAU OF PLANT mnusrnv. miiZ{$fs€¤f¤i{’ii,$°ii»ii{$] Sxnanrns, Bunmu or PLANT Innusrnrz One physiologist and °‘°· pathologist, who shall be chief of bureau, $5,000; one assistant to the chief, $3,000; one executive assistant in seed distribution, $2,500 ; one ofltlcer in chaéige of publications, $2,250; one landscape gardener, $1,800; one officer in charge of records, $2,250; one executive clerk, $2,000; four executive clerks, at $1,980 each; one seed inspector, $1,000; one seed warehouseman, $1,400; one seed warehouseman, $1,000; twelve clerks, class four; seventeen clerks, class three; tive clerks, at $1,500 each; twenty-eight clerks, class two; three clerks, at $1,320 each; eighty-nine clerks, class one; two clerks or draftsmen, at $1,200 each; two clerks, at $1,100 each; five clerks, at $1,080 each; seven clerks, at $1,020 each; thirty clerks, at $1,000 each; twenty-six clerks, at $900 each· one clerk or draftsman, $900; eleven clerks, at $840 each; one laborer, $780; fifty-three messengers or laborers, at $720 each; eight messengers or laborers, at $660 each; seventeen messengers or laborers, at $600 each; one artist, $1,620;