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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 6. 1919. 53 For miscellaneous expenditures, including the same objects specified under this head for the penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, in the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act for the iiscal year 1919, $8,000; In all, McNe' Island (Washington) Penitentiary, $24,000. For support of United States prisoners, including the same objects S¤PP°'* °' P’*$°¤°¤ specified under this head in the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1919, $500,000. National Training School for Boys: For support of inmates, in- ScI§§§‘},'}f.‘§,0,',{;’,*§,'j“,¥,{‘g cluding the same obfjects specified under this hea in the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act or the Hscal year 1919, $7 ,300. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. m§°,$” °“‘°° D°P°"‘ c0N·rmer:N·r nxrniwsns. °°““"g°“*°‘P°“·"°& For amount required during the fiscal {tear 1919 to meet the in- E“'°’°*’°’*“”°· creased cost of envelopes in accordance wit the adjustment made by the Postmaster General under section 4 of the Post Office Appropria- Vo'- 4°· v· 753- tion Act approved July 2, 1918, $6,934.67. For maintenance of orses and vehicles, including the same obilects H°’°°° "“° "°*"°'°S· specified under this head in the Legislative, Executive, and Ju 'cial Agipropriation Act for the fiscal year 1919, $500. or miscellaneous items, including the same obgpcts specified under M'¤°°“¤¤°°°¤· this head in the Legislative, Executive, and Ju 'cial ppropriation Act for the fiscal year 1919, and including not to exceed $2,000 for telephone service, $5,000. Fm For furniture and filing cabinets, $3,000. Omd;°;°' I G d For publication of copies of the Official Postal Guide, $18,000. °°” “i °‘ rosrai. snnvion. Pm mrorrr or Tim rosrai. nnvmmns. ormcn or mn rosruasrmn cnnnnan. P°“""“°°' °°“°“‘l‘ For ]g)as, electric power, and light, and repair of machinery, Post buiiiliinginm mp`, Oiiice epartment equipment shops building, $1,000. orricn or rnn mnsr Assisrarxr msmasrnn enumum. miilitrélifiiiiigxtpmb For com ensation to ostmasters Hscal year 1917 $72.45. . P°s°mmm' For special-delivery ieee for the lollowing fiscal years: Spwm d°Hv°m°°s` For 1917, 32 cents; For 1918, $1,067,700.70. TB mv NIM For temporary and auxiliary clerk hire and for substitute clerk hire ary, m£°¤ hiibsutute for clerks and employees absent with pay at iirst and second class °*°'""‘°‘ post offices and temporary and auxiliary clerk hire at summer and wmter resorltapost offices, $300,000. Umm, md,,,_ms_ For unus conditions at post offices, $25,000. omcn or rm: smcorm Assisraur msmasrnn emimaat. pE..°?‘?.§,Yi.;}?;i§Z}§i?° For actual and necessary expenses, general superintendent and i¤§°‘uw°y Mau Sm` ¤$1staut general sulperintendent, division superintendents, assistant T”“`°““g °‘¥’°"““· division supermten ents, and chief clerks, Railway Mail Service, and railway getal clerks, while actually traveling on business of the Post Office epartment and away from their several dwignated he;_dquartei(—§i{8$1,§`li)10., f _ _ . . ~ ,,“d,m,,,m¤m_ 01'P¤1"¤p. owancec twoassistantsuperintendentsw` s¤p.i·s.mam_ actually traveling on official business away from their home, their mt B