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58 SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 6. 1919. m§§}_*;**°¤’°· T°¤¤°° For piuchase of furniture for rentting ten moms in the Senate Terrace for occupancy by Senate committees and Senators, fiscal years 1919 and 1920, $20,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. seam om sum- Senate Office Building: Toward the construction of the fireproof i“5;,,,S,,,,m.,,_ building for committee rooms and offices for the United States Senate V¤i· <*=`· P- *87- provided for in the Sundry Civil Act approved April 28, 1904, fiscal ears 1919 and 1920, $2,500 said sum to be expended by the Super- Y . . . . . mtendent of the Cap1t0lBu1ld1ng and Grounds under the supervision of the Committee on Rules, United States Senate. H""’°°““"°"""" nousn or nmrnnsnnrarrvrzs. ativa. mnnm P.Borland. To tplay the widow of W.1lli&m P. Borland, late a Representative P“" ‘° "”°°"‘ from e State of Miwouri $7 ,500. John 1.. nm-ma. To pay the widow of John L. Burnett, late a Representative from P" °° "‘°°°" the State of Alabama, $7,500. anal-: Estcpinal. To pay the widow of Albert Estopinal, late a Representative from P°"°“°°"‘ the State of Louisiana, $7,500. nmey Ireim. To pay the widow of Harvey Helm, late a Representative from the hy °° `"°°”‘ State of Kentuclg, $7,500. omits August sui- To pay the wi ow of Charles August Sulzer, late a Delegate from “§¢,yw.,i.;.,,_ the Temtory of Alaska, $7,500. gg ,§;r}’d¤g,f’Yk°- thTcé1p:g the widow of (garl C. Van Dyke, late a Representative from e o Minnesota 7,500. cameras umm For allowance to the following contestants and contestees for ”p°”’°°° expenses incurred by them in oontested·election cases audited and iciewcommended by the Committees on Elections Numbered One and o: Charles A. Sum. Charles Sulzer, $2,000, which sum shall be paid to his estate; Jamcswickazslnm. James Wickersham, $2,000; ·r. acimmer. A. Cshagdler, $2,000; 6 ima s. nmnpm. ames . avenport, $1, 00- '1*¤<>¤¤¤¤B- Pm- 'ilghcarlpag ggunn, $1,995.16; , ,5 .16.

 wergxbegg The action of the Sergeant at Arms and the Clerk of the House of

gtmigéiiai-y uma, Representatives, respectively, m complymtghwith the resolution of v,,,_,g,’,,_m,_ the House of Representatives and yihying e arrears of salary and clerk allowance to Members of the ouse of Representatives of the Sixty-fifth Congress who did not receive their monthly salary and allowance while absent from the House in the military service of the Smmmpbm ,0 United States during the war, is hereby ratified and confirmed. mgiiiiggas. t For reimbursement to the Official Stenoggaphers to Committees for ° ‘”’°“"’“‘ _ mopleys ngcessplnly expended y them from July 1, 1918, to arc , , 5 eac $2,600. §‘§‘,§f?,§`,‘Q'Q‘*§‘§i, d,. _To ppy South Trimble, Clerk of the House of Representatives, gg; ;m°gf¤¤¤*¤d ¤l¤°· Sixty~_ th fCon5;·ess, th; amouariirt; due fpr sgrvices 11; compiling, arranging or e prin r, rea g roo , in exin o testimon stenograplxy and typewriting, supergsing the worg, and expensgs _ incurred m the contested·election cases of the Sixty-fifth Congress '*°*·2*· P· **5- (six m number), as authorized by an Act entitled "An Act relating to contested elections," approved March 2, 1887, $1,435.90, and an additional sum of $933.35 to such persons as were actually engaged m the work designated by the said South Trimble, and in such propoi-tliloi;s2a;ss;1g5may deem just for assistance rendered in the work; in a , ,. . . mam;. For folding speeches and_ pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding $1 per thousand,_$12,000, to continue available during the fiscal year 1920. Rigs: office messen- To continue the employment of nine messengers at $100 er month each, in the post office of the House of Representatives, {gem April 1 to November 30, inclusive, 1919, $7,200.