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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 228. 1920. 833 official purposes, and other vehicles as are required for the transportation of troops and supplies and for official military and arrison purposes; purchase of dpu `c horses and mules; services org veterinary surgeons, and me `cines for public animals, and the authorized number of officers’ horses; purchase of mounts and horse equipment for all officers below the grade of major required to be mounted; . shoeing for nblic animals and the authorized number of officers’ horses; purcliase and repair of hose, fire extinguishers, hand grenades, carts, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers; p1u·chase, installation, and repair of cooking and heating stoves and furnaces; purchase of towels, soap, combs, and brushes for offices; postage stamps for foreign and registered postage; books, newspapers, and periodicals; improving parade grounds; repairs of pumps and wharves, water; straw for bedding, mattresses; mattress covers, pillows, sheets, furniture for Government quarters and repair of same; packing and crating officers’ allowance of baggage on change of station; deodorizing, lubricants, disinfectants; or the construction, operation, and L”““d"°S· maintenance of laundries; and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home and abroad, but impossible to anticipate or classif , $2,740,322: Provided, That not to exceed $318,000 of the rmaq. unexpendred balance on June 30, 1920, of the agpropriation "Main- ,,,§‘};,*§}{°‘°°’Va‘*"““°' tenance, Quarterm.aster’s Department, Marine rps," contained in Am. 1>· 156- the Naval Ap ropriation_ Act for 1920, aaipproved _July 11, 1919, is reappropriated) and made immediately av able until used, for replacing the present wooden stave water pipe with cast-iron pipe at the marine barracks, Quantico, Virginia. _ In all, for the maintenance of Quarterinastefs Department, Marine wgggrgrsnz and ¤¤- Corps, $11,691,510; and the money herein specifically approygiated P0st,}i.1170. for the maintenance of the Quartermasters Department, arine Corps, shall be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with the existing law as maintenance, Quartermastefs Department, Marine Cor s, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. 'lldtal, Marine Corps, exclusive of public works, $26,7%,289.48. INCREASE OF THE NAVY. Increaseoitheblavy. INCREASE or THE NAVY, CONSTRUCTION AND MACHINERY: On ,,,§§,§‘§,,'}‘,E’f‘°“ md account of hulls and outfits of vessels and machinery of vessels heretofore authorized, to be available until expended, $48,000,000 Ixcnnasn or THE NAVY, TORPEDO BOATS: On account of sub- bo§1*g’m¤“¤° *°’P°**° marine torpedo boats heretofore authorized, to be available until ` ex ended, $11,000,000 ¥NCREASE or THE NAVY, ARMOR AND ARMAMENT: Toward the armor mQn'{f*°" md “"'“‘* and armament for vessels heretofore authorized, to be available until ex xended, $45,000,000 II`otal increase of the Navy heretofore authorized, $104,000,000. mmm of mt m_ The limits of cost of the vessels heretofore authorized and herein erased. below enumerated are increased as follows: Anze,p.156. Battleships numbered 43 and 44 from $11,250,000 to $12,750,000. g=jg{gg;i;§,p_ Hospital ship No. 1, from $3,250,000 to $4,355,000. _,_mmum,,,,,, mx, Ammunition ship numbered 1 from $3,250,000 to $3,550,000. ormbea. Gunboat numbered 21 from $1,100,000 to $1,250,000. Submmm Submarine (S) numbered 1 from $1,500,000 to $1,750,000. Submarines (R) numbered 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27, from 55875,000 to $975,000. U H De mn t That no part of any 511111 appropriated by this Act shall be used for ,,,p§§S£,,,s&°i2t°a°° an * expense of the Navy Department at Washington, District of Columbia, unless specific authority is given by law or such expenditure.