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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 235. 1920. 881 requirements of the Act to define and fix the standard of value, to maintain the parity of all forms of money issued or coined by the United States, to refund the public debt, and for other purposes, approved March 14, 1900: Provided further, That no part 0 this V°‘·3*·P·‘5· sum shall be used to increase the wages of plate rinters until all m";Qg°,S°' P'*¤*°'°’ printers’ assistants receive not less than $2.37 per dliy. ` For engravers’ and printers’ materials and other materials except Mmd¤ls.ew. distinctive paper, miscellaneous expenses, including paper for ·"‘“·P·°5*· internal-revenue stamps, and for purchase, maintenance, and driving of necessary motor·propelled and hor·se—drawn passengencarrying vehicles, when, in wr1f , ordered b the Secretary of the Treasury, 3;,6%,0%, to be expeuriged under idle direction of the Secretary of t e easury. Duri the fiscal year 1921 all proceeds derived from work per- mPb'g°g•§_‘§’g°,,f·f•,;¤*,°”§ formedngy the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, by direction of rewthe Secretary of the Treasu.r}y, not covered and em raced in the appropriation for said bureau or the said fiscal year, instead of being covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts, as provided gy the Act of A t 4, 1886 (Twenty-fourth Statutes, {page 227), sh 1 V°*· “‘·¥’·”"· be credited when received to the appropriation or said bureau for the fiscal year 1921. ` BUREAU or was msn msummcm. ];.v.Y§.?.,1}""’“S“’““°° For e nses of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance under the Act ;", i,_ ,m,m,,_ apggoveflpgcmberlg, IQL7, as amenélegl t d all mm md mm m nsation: or the aymen 0 ary an nav compensa· com _ tion {di? death or disabililty, $125,000,000; and the unexpended Pmm balances of the appropriations for military and naval compensation for the fiscal year 1920 are continued and made available duringl the fiscal year 1921 for the payment of compensation for deat or disabilrt . . Medic;] and Hospital Services: For medical, surgical, and hos- s$i°}•is°°i'1°°dh°Sp't°1 pital services, medical examinations, funeral expenses traveling expenses, and su plies, for beneficiaries of the Bureau of War Ris Insurance, including court costs and other expenses incident to proceedings heretofore or hereafter taken for commitment of mentally mcompetent persons to hospitals for the care and treatment of the _ insane, $46,000,000 This appropriation shall be disbursed by the p,‘,f*=;§’,g{§;*f¤¤¤°°'°P· Bureau of War Risk Insurance and such portion thereof as may be Ailocmencs. necessary shall be allotted from time to time to the Public Health Service, the Board of Manageérs of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, and the ar and Navy Departments and transferred to their credit for diSb\1l‘Scme11t by them for the purposes set Im mm mmm forth in this paragraph. The allotments to the said Board of Mana- at v·iiu¤teeiS¤1d1¤¤’ ge;-s shall also inclu e such Sums as may be necessary to alter or H°‘”°“· improve existing facilities rn the several ranches under its tion so as to provide adequate accommodations for such beneficiaries of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance as may be committed to its care. The allotments made to the War and Navy De artments shall aniluoxexilyts igepldii-I available for expenditure under the various headings of approprra- mmstions made to said departments as may be necessary. mscnmazvrsous owners, rrmastmr nnpanmmwr. M“°"““”°°"’· The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to use for, and in ,,_;Q,,‘§,§,§,°g,¥f,§‘,},,§g’,‘§,; connection With, the enforcement of the laws relating to the Treasury lgws relating to the Department and the several branches of the public service under its `D°“ews”" _ control, not exceeding at any one time four persons paid from the °