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TRAVELING SALESMEN CONVENTION—GUATEMALA—DE¤. 3, 1918. 1669 Convention between the United States and Guatemala facilitating the work of traveling salesmen. Signed at Washington, December 3, 1918; ratification advised by the enate, December 19, 1918; ratijed by the President, February 25, 1919; ratified by , May 20, 1919; ratgications exchanged at Washington, August 25, 1919; proclaimed, ugust 27, 1919. BY rim Pnnsmmrr or mn Urxrrnn Srarns or Ammmoa. A PROCLAMATION. Wherem, a, Convention between the United States of America and °°l°S”`°”’ the Republic of Guatemala for the development of commerce between *°‘°‘“""’°· the two countries and to increase the exchange of commodities by facilitating the work of traveling salesmen, was concluded signed b their respective Plenipotentiaries at Washington on the thu·d day oi, December, one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, the original of which Convention, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: The United States of America Los Estados Unidos de América °°“°"‘°°i“‘ P°"°‘°· and the Republic of Guatemala y la Republica de Guatemala being desirous to foster the de- deseando fomentar sus relaciones velopment of commerce between mercantiles y acrecentar el mterthem and to increase the ex- cambio de mercanderias facilichange of commodities by facili- tando la actuacion de viajantes, tatin the work of traveling sales- han decidido celebrar con tal gromen iave agreed to conc ude a pésnto un convemo, y a ese fin _ an convention for that purpose and nombrado como sus respectivos have to that end appointed as plempotenciarnosz their plenipotentiaries: _ The President of the United E1 Pwsidcmo do IOS Esmdos P1¤¤ir¤¢¤¤¢¤¤ri<¤=. Stews of Am¤¤¢¤» R°bm`t L*mS‘ Unidos a Robert Lansing, Secreme, Swataw <>f Stew of the ant de Estado do los Estados United States; and _ Unidos, y The Pf651d€¤l? of the R°Publ}G El Presidente de la Republica de of Guammaiih SGYIOY DUH J 08*1***9 Guatemala, al Senor Don Joaquin Mendez, His Envoy Extraord1— Méndgz, Enviado Extraordjnario nary and Minister Plenipotentiary y Miujsu-0 Plgnj Omncjmjo dg t0 the United States, _ Guatemala en los Egtados Unidos, who l”|8.V11'1g CQl]1.II1l11'l1C8.i»B(`l to quigngs, dgspuég de hgbgrgg each 0th6l‘ their full QOWBYS, comunicado mutuamente sus plewhich were fmmd to be IH dlw nos poderesyhalladolos en buena form, have agreed upon the fol- y debida forma, han convenido lowing articles: en los articulos siguientes; ARTICLE I. ARTICULO I. Manufacturers, merchants, and Los comerciantes, fabricantes, ,,,§§§'§§§‘§1,,§’§;§Z§ traders domiciled within the j uris- ydemas mercanderes domiciliados ¤*° °¤ ° “¤¤'° "°°¤S°· diction of one of the High Con- dentro de la jurisdiccién do una