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ARBITRATION AGREEMENT--ITALY. Mama 20, 1919. 1675 Arbitration agreement between the United States and Italy, further *‘¤¤=¤ ’°· imextending the duration of the convention of March Z8, 1908. Signed at Washington, March 20, 191.9; 1 C0/l’l0’Ib advised by the Senate, July 17, 1919; ratijied by the Pre ent, July 29, 191.9; ratiyied by Italy, August 18, 1919; rafgieations exchanged at Washington, October 13, 1919; proclaimed, ctober 15, 1919. BY ·r11E PnEsmEN·r or rim IUNITED STATES or Aimmoa. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas an igreement between the United States of America. and I,$;*’“'°"°" "*“’ Italy extending or another of five years the time during which `1;r€¤¤¤b1·. the Arbitration Concluded etween them on March 28, 1908,- shall °"5’°‘°°°1` remain in force, was concluded and signed by their res ective Pleni— potentiaries at Washing·ton_on the twentieth day ol) March, one thousand nine hundred and mneteen, the original of which Agreement, lieling in the English and Italian languages, is word for word as o ows: 'I`he Government of the United Il Govemo d li Stati Uniti °"“‘°“"“""""'· States of America and the Govem- d’America e il zfivemo di Sua ment of His Majesty the Kin of Maestail Re d’Italia,essend0 desi- Italy, being desirous of extensligg derosi di prorogare per altri cinque for another five years the peri anni il periodo durante il quale during which theArbitration Con- la Convenzione di Arbitrato convention concluded between them clusafra essiil28 Marzo 1908, pro- V X 38 xm on March 28, 1908, extended by rogata dal1’ accordo concluso fra °‘ ’°' ' the Agreement concluded between i ue Govemi il 28 Maggie 1913, the two Govemments on Mai 28, deve rimanere in vigore, hanno 1913 shall remain in force, ave autorizzato i sottoscritti, cioe: authorized the undersligned, to l’Onorevole Frank L. Polk, Fa- "““’°"“‘“""‘· wit: the Honorable rank L. cente Funzione di Segretario di Polk, Acting Secretary of State of Stato degli Stati Uniti, e il Bathe United States, and Baron rone Pietro Arone di Valentino, Pietro Arone di Valentino, His Incaricato d’Affari di Sua Macsta Majesty’s Chargé d’Aifaires at a Washington, a concludere l’ac- Washington, to conclude the fol- cordo seguente: lowing agreement: ARTICLE I. ARTICOLO I. The Convention of Arbitration La Convenzione di Arbitrato ,8C‘{§,},,f‘}‘{f;‘,°,§g*;Q of March 28, 1908, between the del 28 Marzo 1908, fra il Governo =¤i€;i•i<13§v¤y$- Government of the United States degli Stati Uniti d’America ed il °‘ '°` ` of America and the Government Governo di Sua Maesta il Re of His Majesty the King of Italy, d’Italia, la durata della guale, the duration of which by Article a termini dell' Articolo III di essa, III thereof was Exed at a period era stata Hssata ad un dperiodo di of five years from the date of the cinque anui dalla data ello scamexchange of ratitications of the bio delle ratiiiche della detta Consaid Convention on January 22, venzione avvenuto il 22 gennaio V 1 38 no 1909 which period, by the agree- 1909, il quale periodo per ’accor- °‘ '°' ‘ ment of May 28, 1913, between do del 28 Maggie 1913 fra i due