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PARCEL POST CON"VENTION—CZECHO·SLOVAKIA. Ocronnmgl-,1919. 1693 Minister of Posts of Czecho-Slo— éeskoslovenskych jsou opravnéni vakia, shall have authority to uéiniti spoleéné takova dalsi jointly make such further regula- opatreni provadéci, jez by so tions of order and detail as may pozdé`i jevila byti nutnymi ku be found necessary to carry out proveileni této umluvy; a mohou the present Convention from time vzajemnou dohodou stanoviti to time; and may, by agreement, podminky, za kterych by se prescribe conditions for the ad- nékteré z pfedmétu, élankem Il. mission in (poackages exchanged z dopravy vyloucenych, mohl under this nvention of any of ri ustiti k do rave v postovnicli 4*% P- 1688- the articles prohibited by Article baliiccich po<He této umluvy II. vyménovanych. . Article XIII. Clanek XIII. This Convention shall take ef- Tato umluva nabude fiéinnosti E°°°°‘ feet and operations thereunder a ustanoveni jeji poénou so , shall begin on the first day of provadeti dne. 1. ledna 1920 a ma November, 1919, and shall con- tryati v platnosti, pokud nebude tinue in force until terminated by vzajemnou dohodou ukonéena; mutual agreement, but may be muze vsak byti zrusena na Zadost annulled at the desire of either kterékoli z obou sprav, 0hlasi·l1 Department, upon _ six mo11ths’ to tato sprava sest mésicu napfed pmvious notice given to the spravé druhé. 0 er. Done in duplicate, and signed Dano ve dvojim hotoveni a S""“°'"“° in Prague the 9th day of October, podepsano v Prazergne 9. rijna one thousand nine hundred and jeden tisic devét set devatenaet nineteen, and at Washington, the a ve Washingtoné, dne 31. rijna 31st day of O<>t0l>B1‘, 0116 th0¥r jeden tisic devét set devatenact. sand nine hundred and nineteen. FRANCIS STANEK, WOODBOW WH*S°N¤ M inistr post éeskoslavemkgfch. [sexi,.] Ausmrr S. Bunnnsox, ALBERT S_ BURLESON, · Postquzster-General of the Gemrdgng pogtmggy Umwd States ‘ZfA"'“”`w“· Spojengjch suite amer·ick*g}ch. Fmmcns Srwtx, Minister ofPosts of Czecho-Slovakia. The foregoing Parcel Post Convention between Czecho—Slovakia A°'”°°°" and the United States of America has been negotiated and concludeddwith my advice and consent, and is hereby approved and ratiiie . _ In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. [sur.] Woonnow Wu.s0N By the President: Romam Laxsme, Secretazry of State. Wasnryorrox, November 13, 1919.