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1696 TRAVELING SALESMEN CONVENTION-—PANAMA. F EB. 9, 1919. Febmrv °· l°&_ Convention between the United States and Panama facilitating the work W of traveling salesmen. Signed at Washington, February 8, 1919; ratiiication advised by the Senate, June 4, 1919; ratiyied by the President, July .9, 191.9; ratijied by Panama, September 24, .919; ‘ ratifications exchanged at Washington, December 8, 1919: proclaimed, December 10, 1919. ‘ BY urn Pnmsmniwr or rmi Unrrnn Srwrns or AMr:nrcA. A PROCLAMATION. '1‘r¤ve1i¤s=¤|•¤¤¢¤. Whereas a Convention between the United States of America and P°P%r:•£i»1•. the Republic of Panama. to foster the development of commerce between the two countries and to increase the exchange of commodities by facilitating the work of traveling salesmen, was conc1uded and si ed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Washmgton, on the eighth day of February, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, the original of which Convention, being in the Englrsh and Span1sh languages is word for word as follows: °°°°“‘°°““ P°'°”‘ The United States of America Los Estados Unidos de Amé- and the Republic of Panama rica y la Repriblica de Panama. being desirous to foster the de- deseando fomentar sus relaciones velopment of commerce between mercantiles y acrecentar el interthem and to increase the exchange cambio de mercaderias faciliof commodities by facilitating tando la actuacion de viajantes, the work of traveling salesmen han decidido celebrar con tal have agreed to conclude aconven- ro osito un convenio, y a ese tion for that purpose and have to gn Ihan nombrado como sus resthat end appointed a.s their pleni- pectivos plenipotenciarios a: potentiaries: Pl°m’°°°°"“"°°' The President of the United El Presidente de los Estados States of America, Frank L. Unidos de América, al Senor Polk, Acting Secretary of State Frank L. Polk, Secretario de of the United States of America, Estado interino de los Estados and Unidos de América, y The President of the Republic E1 Presidente de la Repriblica of Panama, Senor José Ediigardo de Panama, al Senor Don José Lefevre, Charge d’Affaires of the Edgardo Lefevre, Encarvado de Republic of anama near the Negocios de la Repubzlica de Government of the United States Panama ante el Gobrerno de los of America, _ Estados Unidos de América, Who, having communicated to Quienes, después de haberse each other their full powers, comunicado mutuamente sus which were formd to be in due lenos poderes y halladolos en form, have agreed upon the fol- buena y debida forma, han conlowing articles: venido en los articulos siguientes: ARTICLE I. ARTICULO I. .,,§§I,§'§§§’§1,,§'§;§lj Manufacturers, merchants, and Los comerciantes, fabricantcs, M °¤¤5r¤8'•> *i¤¤¤$¤· traders domiciled within the juris- y demas mercaderes domiciliados diction of one of the High Con- dentro de la `urisdiccion de una tracting Parties may operate as de las Alias Partes Contratantes commercial travelers either per~ podran actuar como viajantes, ya. sonally or by means of agents or sea personalmente o por medio de