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TREATY-—ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE. JUNE 27, 1914. 1711 Treaty of commerce between the United States and the Ethiopian Em- ·'°¤° *7-*****- gnre. Signed at Addis-Ababa, June 27, 1914; ratpication advised y the Senate, September 15, 1914; ratified by the President, September 19, 1914; Prince LM;} Yassmt notified of ratification, December 20, 1914; proclaimed, August 9, 1920. BY rm: Pnnsmmrr or mn Umrnn Srrvms or Amnmcx. A PROCLAMATION. U Whereas a Treaty between the United States of America and the wffg***,*{*,j{,f*,j*,},{°*°*i°°$ Ethiopian Empire, to regulate and develop the commercial relations Preamble. between the two countries, was concluded by their respective plenipotentiaries at Addis-Ababa, on the twenty-seventh daiy of June, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, the origina of which Treaty, being in English and Amharic, is word for word as follows: Treaty of Commerce. His Royal Highness, Prince Lidj Yassou, successor of Menelik II, °°°"°°““g P°'°”‘ King of Kings of Ethiopia and the United States of America, having agreed to regulate the commercial relations between the two eountri and develop them, and render them more and more advantageous to the two contracting Powers: _ mm tmmms His Rolygnll Highness, Prince Lidj Yassou in the name of the Empire p° ‘ and Jo Q. Vood, in the name of the United States of America, have agreed and stipulated that which follows: Article I. The citizens of the two Powers, like the citizens of other countries, mgr;·;g?;¤;G=¤f mw! shall be able freely to travel and to transact business throughout the " extent of the territories of the two contracting Powers. Article II. In order to facilitate commercial relations, the two Govemrnents ,,§Q"§}§,§,,‘§{ "“"""` shall assure, throughout the extent of their respective territories, the ` security of those engaged in business therein, and of their property. _ Article III. The two contracting Governments shall reciprocally grant to all ,d{§,°§§,,Q,Z?'”° '”“°" citizens of the United States of America and to the citizens of Ethiopia, all the advantages which they shall accord to the most favored Power in respect to customs duties, imposts and jurisdiction. Article IV. Throu hout the extent of the Ethiopian Empire, the citizens of the ,m*;L°;g;,*;{*mjjj;_ 0* Unitef States of America shall have the use of the telegraphs, posts and all others means of transportation upon the same terms as the citizens of Ethiopia or of the most favored foreign Power.