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1716 _ PARCEL rosr ooNvnNT1oN-ooLoNY or Fm. ggggggg P°¤$¤¤”‘° °’“°’°°· 2. When the contents of a parcel which cannot be delivered are liable to deterioration or corruption, they may be destroyed at once if necessar , or, if expedient, sold, without previous notice or judicial formagt , for the benefit of the right person, the particulars of each sale lacing noticed by one post-ollice to the other. _ R°‘°"°“u”" 3. An order for redirection or reforwarding must be accompanied by the amount due for postage necessary for the return of the article to the office of origin, at the ordinary parcel rates. ARTICLE XI. b*{¤¤*°gg*¤¤"“**Y The Post Office De artment of either of the contracting countries r °ss’ will not be responsiblle for the loss or damagp of any parcel, and conseguently no indemnity can be claimed by e sender or addressee in eit er country. ARTICLE XII. °tf'”*”°"°¢“'*“°°*‘· The Postmaster General of the United States of America and the ` Acti Colonial Secretary of Fiji shall have authority to iomtly make suchD§u·ther regulations of order and detail as may be ound neces— sary to carry out the present Convention from time to time; and mag; b agreement, prescribe conditions for the admission to the_ma

  • ‘”"·"‘ ms' oi, any of the articles prohibited by Article II of this Convention.

i ARTICLE XIII. E“°°°°°“‘”°°°¤- This Convention shall take effect, and operations thereunder shall begin, on the first day of October, 1920· and shall contmue in force until terminated by mutual agreement, but may be annulled at_ the desiie offither Department, upon six months’ previous not1ce given tot e o er. S*¤’**“”¤· Done in duplicate, and signed at Washington, the twenty-first day of August, one thousand nine hundred and twenty, and at Suva the tenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and twent *. emu. nmnr . Um.soN [ } A1. S B y Postmaster General ry the United States of America. [sam.] D. R. Srnwairr Acting Colonial Secretary of the Colony of Fiji. Witness to the signature of the said Douglas Roy Stewart, Acting Colonial Secretary of the Colony of Fiji. E. L. Sana Acting Asst. Colonial Secretary

  • P"'°"°]' The foregoing Parcel Post Convention between the United States

of America and the Colony of Fiji, signed at Suva on the tenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and twenty, and at Washington on the twentY—l;irst day of August one thousand nine hundred and twenty, has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent, and IS hereby aprproved and ratified. In testimony whereof have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. [sari] Woomzow Wrnsox. By the President: Bamnmncn Comzr, _ Secretary ¢y" State. Wasnimrrox, September 1, 1920.