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PARCEL POST CONVENTION—NORWAY. JANUARY 11, 1921. 1737 Form N0. 1. Pom N0- 1- A. Paroels-Poat between the United States and Norway. Date. Place to which FORM OF CUSTOMS DECLARATION. thedgamel is Stamp. ad eased. Description of I parcel. (State Total whether box, Contents. Value. Percent. customs bag, basket, charges. etc.) I ____l_1_.. l 5 z g Total. , : § Date or posting: .. , 19..; signature aud addreu of sender{ Ellor use of Post-Odloe only, and to be felled up at the offnoe of exchange: "”""`m"”""`"' Parcel Bill No .. .; No. ot rates prepaid. . ; Entry No t { _ _ I B. I o . ¥i»"$°9!s'P°°t<{r°me$se¤seo`[ '`'`'` YB ```` E1" 1 zo z tsofthisparcelum ut xm u ano oeroeus msoueouen mm 00 ... , wtliich must beypaid before the parcel is delivered. D°t°' Stamp. C. count { 0n`gm` .1 '1;*?1§d&parx>e1P0sthes0mbw¤`[' passed ```` Y`;} `°`' hi oieustoms and t be deli ered u o our mus v y 8 Fan or Cxuscn. D°°°‘ Stamp. 44282°-—v0L 41—rr 2———20