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1154 SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. IV. CHS. 28, 29. 1923. sels, the construction of which may be continued under the terms of GY'°°°‘¤P°$S°S· such treaty; for the procurement of gyro compass equipments for m,s¤g’1fig*j_'°-é,f,g’;”,;’u°; destroyers not already Supplied; for the completion of armor, armaami. ment, ammunition, and torpedoes for the supply and complement of vessels which may be proceeded with as hereinbefore mentioned; and not more than $10,000,000 of the additional funds herein made available under “Increase of the Navy ’} sl;1allBbe appliepdéodobjects of ex diture under the `uris iction 0 the ureau 0 r nance; p14f—$¢i$sliir¤qy¥Zll°°m` and fgiillche installation of liirercontrol instruments on destroyers not alread supplied, and the funds herein made available shall not be gigitiirs {mm des- used {br an other purposes: Provided That in addition to the i¤*"*‘°‘"““°’· funds hereinlmfore made ayailable for "lncrease of the Navy," the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to make transfers during the fiscal year 1924 from the naval supply account fund and the clpthlgig agd pmall stores fund tgg the appropriation “Increase of the a , 0 Sums aggregating 5 000,000. °,g§§Sf,§' ° No part of anyvgppropriation made for the Navy shall be expended for any of the purggses herein (provided for on account of the Navy gepartment in Igie f istrict of olumgiailimilxuding personal 0 an 0 enl1sted° men o the avy, except as erein §,T°,,"'§‘j,’;,, 1;,,,,,,,,, of expressly authorized: Provided, That there may be_detailed to the N¤vis¤¤<·¤· Bureau of Navigation not to exceed at any one time thsp;y—four In homes mt enlisted men of the Navy: Promded further, That enh _ men regarded as mpm, detailed to the Naval Dispensary and the Radio Communication ”‘°“* El°t“‘1" shall peg pe rigarded as detailed to the Navy Department in t e istricto oum 1a. ,,,§f’,,§{,§ §'§,,&’£: N 0 part of the appropriations made in this Act shall be available gg*:gp‘}g&g§ °” "°"‘ for the salary or pay of any officer, manager, superintendent, foreman, or other person having charge of the work of any employee of the United States Government while making or causing to be made with a stop watch or other time-measuring device a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and c0mple— cm mmm Bw tion ghereof, or lpf theigmoveminiis of any §1chfe;}i;ployee whil•:_en— _ · ·· upon suc wor · nor s a an pa 0 e appropria 10llS mmm iianngdze in this Act be available to pay arivy premiums or ggnug or cash reward to any erpployee in addition to is regular wagepl, except for su tions resu tm in improvements or econom in the o ration ¤u§lu;iii°°t¤°i1¤i•i1t·i°l:i ofggri; Governmentgplant ;_ and that no part of the moneydxiapprm '“"7 Y“‘*’»‘°“"""°°· printed in each or any section of this Act shall be used or expended for the purchase or accgiuirement of any article or articles that, at the time of the propose acquirement, can be manufactured or pro— duced in each or any of the Government navy yards of the United States, when time and facilities permit, for a sum less than it can be purchased or acquired otherwise. ,,,,§g°F,,°,{"’§°,{°’l§";,,,, ,,,'§j The President is reqp3ested to enter into negotiations with the

 °* Governments of Great rita1n,_ France, Italy, and Japan with the

` view of reaching an understanding or agreement relative to limiti tlieleéogdsgrpctiopt ofdallgypies pnd size: of pibsurfséce End surgce craig 0 , ons an ar sp acemen or ess, an o aircra . Approved, January 22, 1923. 1mm§yzz,1sza. · [ [1:% ‘§m5·l CHAP. 29.-An Act Making a pro riations to supply deficiencies in certain ia E °·3“·l appropriations for the iiecalyear endlmtghliune 30, 1923, and pri¤r Hemi Y€¤!¤, ¢0dP¤>- Xxthersppplemenw appropriations for e iiscal year euding June 30, 1923, an for Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re esentatifvea o the ,`Q°§$‘§_ D°°‘““"" U nited States of Amerika in Umngresg aaaemliledff-I`hat the follofving sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not other-