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SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. IV. C11. 42. 1923. 1215 Yosemite National Park, California: For administration, pro- Y¤•¤¤¤i¤¤·<>¤¤i- tection, and maintenance. including not exceeding $3,600 for the purchase, maintenance, operation, and repair of horse·drawn and motordriven passengencarrying vehicles for the use of the superintendent and employees in connection with general ark work, not exceeding $3,200 for maintenance of that plart of the Wawona Road in the Sierra National Forest between the park boundary two miles north of Wawona and the park boundary near the Mariposa Grove of Big Trees, and not_exceeding $2,000 for maintenance of the road in the Stanislaus National Forest connecting the Tioga Road with Mather Station on the Hetch Hetchy Railroad, $225,000; for construction of physical improvements, $70,000, including not exceeding $35.000 for the construction of an administration building and not exceeding $25.000 for installation of flush toilets and waste hoppers in public camps; in all, $295,000. Zion Bational Park, Utah: For administration, protection, main- zi°"·U"“· tenence, and improvement, $13,750. Ten per centum of the foregoin amounts shall be available inter- ,,,{·,§,'§,§‘{,,¥‘,;g$°°"’° °P‘ changeably for expenditures in the various national parks named, but not more than 10 per centum shall be added to the amount appgopriatedkfor any one of said parks or for any particular item . ' wit in a par . . Appropriations herein made for construction of physical im- miuriltss fiiiiililgiriarix provements in national parks shall be immediately available. “"ll“°l°‘ Hereafter the urchase of supplies or the procurement of services ,Q{,§”,§§,§,’,‘}‘P““°‘ m by the National I°ark Service outside the District of Columbia may R B M xm 3, be- made in open market without com liance with sections 3709 pp.73é;738.- ’ “’ and 3744 of the Revised Statutes of the llinited States in the manner common among business men, when the aggregate amount of the purchase or service does not exceed $50. ’ Emu , The National Park Service may exchange hereafter, as part con- equipmmils it nn sideration, in the purchase of new equipment, motor vehicles, and any other equipment for use in the national parks. sxmr nmzxsnrns Hosrrrxn H4?1m9r;l,Ellz¤b°ths For support, clothing, and treatment in Saint Elizabeths Hos- M’““°°“°“°°*°°°‘ gital for the Insane from the Army, Navg Marine Corps, Coast Ant¢,P.1lT5. uard, inmates of the National Home for isabled Volunteer Soldiers, persons charged with or convicted of crimes against the United States who are insane. all persons who have become insane since their entry into the military and naval service of the United States, civilians in the uartermaster’s service of the Army, persons transferred from thetllanal Zone, who have been admitted to the hospital and who are indi ent, and beneficiaries of the United States Veterans` Bureau, including not exceeding $27 ,000 for the purchase, Vehicles. exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, for the use of the superintendent, purchasing agent. and general hospital business, $1,000,000; and not exceeding $1.500 of this sum may be exgendedun the removal of patients to their friends, not exceeding 1,500 in_the purchase of such books, periodicals, and papers as may be required or the purposes of the hospital and for the medical library, and not exceeding $1.500 for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the apprehension and return to the hospital of escaped patients. Buildingq and For general repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, g,,,u,,d,_ ` 00.0 . $1F<ir0§even brick bungalows, with four rooms, kitchen, and bath, $46.500.