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SIXTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 57. 1921. 151 make examinations into the merits of compensation and insurance claims, whether pending or adjudicated, as he may deem proper, and to aid in the preparation, presentation, or examination of such claims; and any such person so detailed shall have power to administer oaths, take affidavits, and certify to the correctness of the pa ers and docu- T,a,,€,mSmcmH ments pertaming to the administration of this Act. lgothing in this ` section shall be construed to authorize a travel allowance to clerks or persons for transportation or subsistence outside of the district in which they are employed. Rui Sec. 11. The director is hereby authorized to make such rules and patieniifiiiciiigdiigi regulations as may be deemed necessary in order to promote good °°°··"““’°’"°d· conduct on the part of persons who are receiving care or treatment in hospitals, homes, or institutions as patients or beneficiaries of said bureau during their stay in such hospitals, homes, institutions, or training centers. Penalties for the breach of such rules and regula- thP¤¤¤1=i¤¤ fer brwb tions ma , with the a proval of the director, extend to a forfeiture °r°°f' by the offender of sucfi portion of the compensation payable to him, not exceeding three-fourths of the monthly installment per month for three months, for a breach committed while receiving treatment in such hospital, home, institution, or training center as may be pre— P,0,,,30_ -scribed by such rules and regulations: Promkled, That the offender jiprealifdvcisgegigg shall have the right to appeal the decision involving the forfeiture of KYGYES m°n°y ° ° a part of his compensation to a board of three persons which shall be established and appointed b the director in September of each year _ _ for each regional district. Siich board shall be known as the Board a,£°§g,,,‘{{, §}§§‘§i$`i on Discipline and Morale. It shall serve without compensation, and °dé0mp0Sm,m etc at least one of the members of such board shaH be an ex-service man ’ ` and a member of some war veterans’ organization. No on who is in the employ of the United States shall be a memger of such _ _ board. The decision of such board, after hearing all the evidence D°°‘“‘°“ °“°1‘ preisengelld by thelp8ifp1%cgegna·1{d those chargng a breach of the rules an re ations, s . Sec. 12. The director ma set forth in regulations to be prescribed mIi¤iiii°; miihilleniag by him the conditions and limitations whereby all patients or bene- “‘}§_‘,;,g,,,,m0,,S ,0,, to ficiaries of the Veterans’ Bureau who are receiving treatment through be v=¤¤¢*iY>¤d· the bureau as inmates of a hospital may allot any proportion or pro- _ portions or any fixed amount or amounts of their monthly compensationhfor such dpurposes and for the benefit of such person or persons as the ma ITGCC. In Ease siich inmate has not allotted three—fourths of his monthly mg°°f>l;)°.ii»dp»li°¤iitiii»` compensation, regulations to be made by the director may provide “‘° T‘°°““"Y· that any unallotted portion of such three-fourths compensation may be deposited to his credit with the Treasurer of the United States to accumulate at such rate of interest as the Secretary of the Treasury may determine but at a rate never less than 3% per centum per annum, payable for no period, however, of less than six months, and when hmm em payable shall be paid, principal and mterest, to such lpatient living; ’ otherwise, to any bene cia or beneficiaries he may ave designate , or, if there be no such benelfibiary, then to the executor or adm1mstra· P 1).0 tor of the estate of such deceased person: Provided, That this para- Al.`l00:8l106foXf|1HBfaph shall not be so construed as to prevent paiyment by the bureau °*°x¥’°”*’°‘·‘· °‘°· fiiom the amounts due to the decedent s estate o his funeral expenses, expenses of last illness, board, rent, lodgiizg, or other household expenses for which decedent is liable, provided a claim therefor IS presented by the creditors or by the person or persons who actually paid the same before settlement by the Veterans’ Bureau. _ Investment 0, mw The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to invest and ;¤¤¤¤,¤m. reinvest the said allotments deposited wit him, or any (part thereof, in interest-bearing obligations of the United States an to sell the obligations for the purposes of sand funds.