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6 SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 8. 1921. born the area included in such new countries or in sflich terri- M »· ·»»··— » ·» “"”'F° i' $3’5§"h°“d§ °§‘S§J1i§$..‘iPt$?£32§““r”.§ t€tZ“§u§’§$‘§$°‘§?E mvo ve · _ °°°°id°r°d m°r°k°m° such revision and I0ll'¤§]B purposes of this Act generally aliens born in the area included in any such new country s all be considered as having been born in such country, and_ahens born m_ any temtory so transferred shall be considered as having been born in the country to which such territory was transferred. _ _ _ smmsiqn of others (d) When the maximum number of aliens of any nationahty who

 may be admitted in any fiscal year under   Act shall have been

admitted all other aliens of such national1ty, exceipt as otherwise rmaas. rovided in this Act, who may apply for adm1ssion uring the same °,‘,f(g',‘;,,“;‘§{°¤“m*‘°"°“ Escal year shall be excluded: Promded, That the number of ahens ` of any nationality whe {pay be adnpxtétedfyi any fmonlth stliallafliet 20 ercentumo tetota num ro enso suc na on_ y ,,°,,,’” *“°°md°?‘°°Pm‘°°m',§§‘,j xicdeare admissible in that fiscal year: Provided further, That aliens mum ol nationality returning from a temporary visit abroad, aliens who are professional l’"°°°°“°d’""°°°` actors, artists, lecturers, smgers, nurses, ministers of any religious denomination, professors for colleges or seminariesi aliens belongmg to any recognized leamed profeseion, or aliens employed es domestic servants, may, 1f otherwise admissible, be adxmtted notwithetanding the maximum number of ahens of the same natmnaligi admissible in the same month or fiscal ayear, as the case may be, sh _ have entered °°§$°u*;_,}}°,';$°‘”P“‘ th}e United tgteytes ; en; of the cllasses mcluded ul; thiel plecilviso w 0 enter e United States e ore suc maximum num er s a ave entered shall (unless excluded by subdivision (a) from being counted) Pr as to bmp be counted in reckoning the percentage limits_provided in this Act: m,,,,,tc_'0;,,m,,,,,,_ furtgwr, That mlhhetenfcgcement of this téctgpreierence ihall _ _ e ven so araspossi e o ewives, aren , ro ers sis ers, ,,§,f.,§}’*{”°““°’l°'°'°` children under eighteen ears of age, and gancées, (1) of citizens of v . { . . . the United States, (2) o aliens now in the United States who have w§°,“,§°}$fc,°{l§l{,’§°¤§’Z applied for citizenship in the manner provided by law, or (3) of ¤*‘$lg{¢$;i P 222 persons eligible to United States citizenship who served in the milii P U i i3?}°' “3v1?:10i$’§.Z°€t°flf°li>i§”‘i, sti-Z"3St“t ‘*“’i°°’§° b°“§°i.“ Ap? °’ , an r , o a es inc us1 e an ave een separated from such fordes_ under honorable conditions. ,,,},‘,‘;‘,l,°°,,;,,f"°·· '° l’° Sec. 3. That the Commissioner General of Immigration, with the approval of the Secretary of Labor, shall, as_soon as feasible after the enactment of this Act, and from time to time thereafter, prescribe mmm t of mlm- rules and revulations necessary to carry the provisions of this Aet ,,,_,‘; 0, ,,‘§g,,,,,,,,,, ,,, mto effect. ¤He shall, as soon as feasible after the enactment of this ¤>¤1>¤¤>¤=¤¤~·r Act, pubhsh a statement showing the number of aliens of the various nationalities who may be admitted to the United States between the Fummmyw dage thisj Act bectilmesaelfecgve Eng the-Lend of the current fiscal year, ` an on une30tere ter esa pu ishatte th th number of aliens of the various nationalities ivho lines; heodiiligigtted °,§d°;,“;{°;°:t‘:?°”“ during the ensuing fiscal year. He shall also publish monthly state- ' ments during the time this Act remains in force showing the number of aliens of each nationality already admitted during the then current fiscal year and the number who may be admitted under the provisions W¤¤k1r ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ of this Act diuing the remainder of such ear but when 75 er centum ¤`;?;iml1l:»p°aiv°·?niise°ii of the maximum number of any natioiiality admissible lduring the “"”‘“*°*’· fiscal year shall have been admitted such statements shall be issued nuseminsasn or weelrly thereafter. All statements shall be made available for general ”"“‘°“’°”‘·"· publication and shall be mailed to all transportation companies brinigi mg aliens to the United States who shall request the same and sh file with the Department of Labor the address to which such state- Aggcggrggtral tig ments shall be sent. 'I`he Secretary of Labor shall also submit such ems wma. statements to the Secretary of State, who shall transmit the informa-