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SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 93. 1922. 413 interinsurers, which are not authorized b license of the su erintendent . . . to transact such business in the Distrig, shall (1) mainltain in ood ;;;:,u,:;1:kD1:;n°f faith an office in the District, (2) keep in said office a complete geek nesstransactedi usr of record of the marine insurance transacted by, through, or with his D°t°‘1"°q'“'°d‘ or its assistancewith unauthorized insurers, showing (a) abrief description or identification of the subject matter and kind of the insurance, (b) the voyage insured, or, if for time, the date of such insurance going into effect and the date of its termination, (c) the name of the beneficial insured, (d) the amount insured with unauthorized insruers, -(e) the rate of premium, (f) the gross premium payable therefor. Such book of record shall also contain statements in the same details of all such insurances canceled or on which remiums have been increased or reduced (including laying-up returns? and the amormts of additional Additional records. or of return premiums thereon; (3) keep in said office such additional record of the insurance, including the names of the corporations, partnerships, associations, persons, L1oyd’s, underwriters, or interinsurers and the amount insured by each. The books of record and all Inspection. ow. supiplementing records shall be open at all times to the inspection of an examination by the superintendent of insurance or anyone appointed by him for said purpose. The data as herein outlined shall e furnished to the superintendent within one month following his request therefor and upon the form furnished by him. Such classified ,,§}’°°’°’ °°““d°"‘ records of any licensee reporting shall be regarded by the superintendent as intended solely for the information of the District and Federal Governments an shall not be revealed to any person not authorized by law to receive the same. Any person or persons in Eumjggqr fvrgpg position to acquire the aforesaid information w o shall, either while iilaisu. V mr ° ` in office or after leaving office, reveal such information to aply erson or corporation not legally authorized to receive the same sh he guilty of a misdemeanor and subject, upon conviction, to a fine of $2,000 or imprisonment for one gear, or to both such fine and imprisonment. 1,,,,,,,,, ,0, ,,,,1,,,, ,0 An licensee under this c apter failing to report such classified records r¤1¤¤r¢ rwcrdrwitiiin the time limit rescribed by this section shall forfeit to the District $200 per month) for each month he has failed. Sec. 26. That each person or corporation to whom such a license Suxy bond re as broker shall be issued shall, before transacting business thereunder, qw execute and deliver to the superintendent a bond in the penal sum of not less than $5,000, with suc surety or sureties as the superintendent shall require and aggrove, conditioned that the said broker will faithfully comply with the requirements of this chapter. Trrra X.—K1c1amNo or Cmssrmno Rscoans. amiss. Sec. 27. That eve insurance com any organized or admitted to ¤£,°§,‘}‘{; °‘ f”°’°°‘ write marine insuraiiize within the Igistrict shall keelp a classified km record of all its marine insurance transactions in the nited States, setting forth for each calendar year the volume of risks and the premiums involved with respect to (1) hull and time freight insurance; (2) ca o and voyage freight insurance and other voyage interests; (3) builgders’ risk insurance; (4) reinsurance ceded to American companies; (5) reinsurance ceded to American branch offices of alien admitted companies; (6) reinsurance ceded to any foreign office of alien admitted companies and reinsurance ceded to nonadmitted alien insurers; (7) reinsurance received from American companies; (8) reinsurance received from any foreign office of admitted alien comanies and reinsurance received from alien nonadmitted insurers. The data as herein outlined shall be furnished to the superintendent ,,,,Q’,{‘§,{‘,_ ‘° ‘“*’°‘“" within two months following his request therefor and upon the form furnished b him. Such classified records of any indivi ual company u8LR¤°¤¤*¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤· reporting siiall be arded by the sugerintendent as intended solel for the informationrcigthe District and ederal Governments, and shag