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SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 199. 1922. 559 made by such competent surveyors as the Secretary of the Interior may select, at such compensation, not exceeding $200 per month each, as he may prescribe, except in Alaska, where a compensation not exceeding $300 per month each may be allowed such surveyors, except _ that the Secretary of the Interior may appoint not to exceed one v.§·g?°ms°r M Sm" supervisor of surveys, whose compensation shall not exceed $300 per month, and not to exceed ten surveyors who may be employed in a supervisory capacity, whose compensation shall not exceed $250 per month each, and per diem in lieu of subsistence-when allowed pur- ,,,,1,},** ‘““‘“ S“*’*‘“‘ suant to section 13 of the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act approved V<¥l·38.i>·68¤· August 1, 1914, and actual necessary expenses for transportation, sai per diem and traveling ex enses to be allowed to all surveyors employed hereunder and to such clerks who are com etent surve ors _ who may be detailed to field duty hereunder: Profmged further, 'Fhat M°t°lS°°°°°°°mm` the sum of not exceeding 10 per centum of the amount hereby appropriated may be expended by the Commissioner of the General and Office, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, for the purchase of metal or other equally durab e monuments to be I used for public land survey corners wherever practicable: Provided p1g;£°d md m` further, That not to exceed $10,000 of this a ropriation may be expended for salaries of emgoyees of the Begg surve service temporarily detailed to the eneral Land Office: PrmnYd§ further, d Cam That not to exceed $50,000 of this appropriation may be for the u12 1ands,e2;i s1u·ve , classification, and sale of the lands and timber of the so- (i{8.lla;6él:()l‘EOI1 and California. Railroad lands and the Coos Bay Wagon o an . No part of the appropriations made herein for the General Land N°i°°”°°S°°‘P°y‘ Ofiice shall be used to increase the compensation of any class or grade of officers or employees. BUREAU or INDIAN Animas. ...‘:‘“" ·“""' ““‘ sananms. Commissioner, $5,000 ; Assistant Commissioner, $3,500; chief clerk, ¤ii?ii$jx?i:'€;r'm°S° $2,750; financial clerk, $2,250; chiefs of divisions—one $2,250, one $2,000; law clerk, $2,000; assistant chief of division, $2,000; private secretary, $1,800; examiner of irrigation accounts, $1,800; draftsmen—·one $1,400, one $1,200; clerks—twenty of class four, thirty-one of class three, two at $1,500 each, thirty-six of class two, sixty-four of class one (including one stenographer), thirty at $1,000 each (includingbpne stenographer), thirty at $900 each, one $720; messenger, $840; thee assistant messengers, at $720 each; four messenger boys, at $420 each; in all, $306,150. sunvnrmo Arm annorrrmo INDIAN rmsmzvxrrons. im' (Reimbursable.) For the survey, resurvey, classification, and allotment of lands in ,,, *,§,'}°"“"‘ severalty under the provisions of the Act of February 8, 1887(Twenty- fourth Statutes at Large, p e 388), entitled “AnAct to provide for the V°*· “· P' 38* allotment of lands in severajty to Indians/’ and under any other Act or Acts providing for the survey or allotment of lands, $58,000, reimbursable, to be immediately available: Prmnded, That no part U1s,'°"‘,,,°‘N,,, Iggy of said sum shall be used for the survey, resurvey, classification, or ’*¤d·*'**°¤***¤"*°*°°· allotment of any land in severalty on the pub c domain to any Indian, whether of the Navagojor other tribes, within the State of New Mexico and the State of `zona, who was not residing upon the public domain prior to June 30, 1914.