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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 310-312. 1925. 973 which the Secretary of War may deem necessary and order in the °’“*'*€°°"‘*°°°°°°S‘ interest of navigation, shall be promptl made by the owner thereof. mm Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend; or repeal this Act is hereby A”‘°“°”’°"*· expressly reserved. Approved, February 24, 1925. CHAP. 311.-—-An Act To authorize the exchange of certain patented lands in Fllilrlmlll iitsll? the Rocky Mountain National Park for Government lands in the park. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the R . United States of Amerika in Congress assembled, That the owner Natiii:nkglP1§digl1I(¥1i‘llcil of the northeast quarter southeast quarter section 22; northwest ,?,}$§{,‘g,$*,‘fi,§E quarter southwest quarter, east half southeast quarter section 23; S°d*°°h¤P¤¤=· and northeast quarter northeast quarter section 26, townshi 4 north, range 74 west, sixth principal meridian, Colorado, within the Roc? Mountain National Park, is hereby permitted and authorize to convey the fee-simple title thereto to the United States, and select in lieu thereof the south half southeast quarter, south half northeast quarter southeast quarter, south half southeast quarter southwest quarter, south half south half northwest quarter southeast quarter, south half north half southeast quarter southwest quarter, section 7, township 4 north, range 73 west, and the north half north half northwest quarter northeast quarter, north half north half northeast quarter northwest quarter, section 18, township 4 north, range 73 west of said meridian; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and empowered to accept such conveyance and thereafter cause a patent for the lands so selected to be issued to such owner, reserving to the United States, however, such rights of way as may be needed for the construction and maintenance of roads in the park: Provided, That the lands so ,§{,°jg>é Gd lands conveyed shall become and be a part of said park and be subject to made pmyei pm:. all laws and regulations relating to other lands therein. Approved, February 24, 1925. February 24, 1926. CHAP. 312.-A.n Act To authorize the cityvof Norfolk, to con- Struct a combined dam and bridge in Lafayette iver at or near ranby Street, lP¤b"¤ N¤· *62- Norfolk, Virginia. ' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States o{ America in Congress assembled, That the consent }:,§•’},{_,°{°° {${;°'-my of Congress is ereby granted to the city of Norfolk, a municipal Gamma image corporation, situated in Norfolk County, State of Virginia, to construct, maintain, and operate a combined dam and br1dge_ in Lafayette River, at a point suitable to the interests of navigation, Ht or near Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia: Provided, That the of lm Work shall not be commenced until the iplans therefor have been P " Submitted to and approved by the Chief o Engineers, United States No mummy for d__ Army, and by the Secretary of War: Provided further, That this vsitpzagptwssem. Act shall not be construed to authorize the use of such dam to develop water power or generate hydroelectric energy. _ Src. 2. That the authority granted by this Act shall cease and Grim °‘°°¤$*“*°‘*°¤ be null and void unless the actual construction of the dam hereby authorized is commenced within one year and completed within _ three years from the date of approval of this Act: Provwkied, That ·r1ilmumc!llm;;0u_0g au. from and after thirty days’ notice from the Federal Power Com- ¥‘,‘Q,'g§§,°g°§,;@*°*g‘gg1”§ mission, or other authorized agency of the United States, to said gn;€§i¤:Bgr_;¤;;:ge¤L§£ City, that desirable waterzpower development will be interfered with w_i0pmm_ by the existence of said am, the authority hereby granted to con·