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s1XTY-n1GHT11 ooncnnss. Sess. II. oa. ass. 1925. 1005 by any person, and such suspension shall remain in force until such time as the said health officer is satisfied the danger no longer con- _ tinues: Provided, That whenever any permit is suspended the §§€{’§,°‘ M, ,,0,,,,,, health officer shall furnish in writing to the holder of said permit his h°‘d°'· reasons for such suspension. and the dealer receiving such milk or cream shall also be promptly notified by the health officer of such suspension. _ _ Sec. 4. That nothing in this Act shall be construed to prohibit m;ili$m°m M `°° interstate shipments of milk or cream into the District of Columbia for manufacturing into ice cream: Provided, That such milk or §;'jQ{;’· ummm cream is produced or handled in accordance with the specifications mq ` gf {ufl authorized medical milk commission or a State board of ea t . Sec. 5. That failure or refusal on the art of an erson holding E“%’°" .°‘ '°"?s"*1 *° a permit under authority of this Act to ipermit theyhldalth officer oi? $t¤’¤<i¤sp°cu0n of the District of Columbia, or his duly appointed representative, to inspect the dairy, dairy farm, cattle, and all appurtenances of such dairy, dairy farm, or other places where said milk, cream, or ice cream are produced, stored, manufactured, handled, offered for sale, or sold may be deemed sufficient to suspend or revoke such permit at the discretion of said health officer. _ _ 'Sec. 6. That the health officer or his duly appointed representative b,§‘§g’},‘{°,§{,,}“{§ §§$,: be, and he is hereby, authorized to seize all milk, cream, or ice cream °*i¤*i¤*"i°l¤¤°¤ ¤¤¤><>‘· which may, in violation of the provisions of this Act, be brought into _ the District of Columbia. The owner of any such milk, cream, or N°t‘°°°°°w'“°"°°°‘ ice cream shall be at once notified of such seizure; and if he shall fail within twent —four hours to direct the removal of the same from the District of Columbia, the health officer may destroy or otherwise dispose of the said milk, cream, or ice cream. Sec. 7. That the health officer of the District of Columbia, under ,m§°§'{lc“*Qg'§,0§§cQ’g; the direction of and with the approval of the Commissioners of said rustic siipplr District, is hereby authorized and empowered to make and enforce all such reasonable regulations, consistent with this Act, from time to time, as he may deem proper, to protect the milk, cream, and ice cream supply of the said District o Columbia: Provided, however, Qxm, pu,,,,m_ That such regulations shall be published once at least thirty da s in ¢i¤¤- some daily newspaper in the District of Columbia of generaly circulation before any penalty be exacted for violation thereof. Sec. 8. That all milk wagons within the District of Columbia shall 0,,1`l$,,'§2,§ °°"‘°" °°°" have the name of the owner, the number of the permit, and the location of the dairy from which said wagons hau milk or cream PT _ painted thereon plainly and legibly: Provided, That all trucks or ;—,,'§';`§'§‘ _ ;,,;,m,,g wagons engaged in bringing mi k, cream, or ice cream into the said °‘°··“"° me D*5‘ District shall have the name and address of the owner painted plainly and legibgy thereon. _ _ _ wm to mums Sec. 9. That al persons within the District of Columbia, having ggiemm {Foe, wsm or offering for sale, or having in their possession with intent to sell ·°‘°~"’°°""’d· milk, cream, or ice cream, shall at all times keep the name or names of the person or persons from whom the said m1lk, cream, or ice cream have been obtained posted in a conspicuous place wherever Pr _ such milk, cream, or ice cream are kept or offered for sale: Provided, G,°Q’§j djsmmumm however, That general distributors of milk, cream, or ice cream shall only be required to keep a record of the name of all persons from whom said distributor is receiving milk, cream, or ice cream, which record shall at all times be open to inspection by the health officer or his duly authorized representative. _ hmmm labels m_ SHG. 10. That no person shall sell, exchange, or deliver, or have in quits.; for ··S1ammSd his possession with intent to sell, exchange, or deliver, any " skimmed ”‘m‘· °‘°· milk," or " reconstructed milk," or “ reconstructed cream ” unless