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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS, Sess. II. Cns. 424, 425. 1925. 1109 colleges, county, and municipal agencies, business organizations, and individuals, such silvicultural, dendrological, forest fire, economic, and other experiments and investigations as may be necessary. Sec. 2. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any ,0,:‘·,§‘°,;‘;',§,s“§§c“°'*”d money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of ` $50,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to carry out the purpose of this Act, including the erection of buildings and payment of other necessary expenses, such sum to be immediately available and to remain available for expenditure during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1926. Approved, March 3, 1925. CHAP. 425.-An Act To repeal and reenact chapter 100, 1914, Public, Numbered 108, to provide for the restoration of Fort McHenry, in the State lP¤bli¢· N0·543·l of Maryland, and its permanent preservation as a national park and perpetual national memorial shrine as the birthplace of the immortal "Star—Spangled Banner/’ written by Francis Scott Key, for the appropriation of the necessary funds, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate ami Home of Re resentaztilves of the _ United States of America in Omigress aaeemgled, That an Act §‘g*¤§‘f°H$§{,Yg¤§fg authorizinguthe Secretary of War to grant the use of the Fort <zfi>¤r¢i¤¤ ctfor pub- McHem·y ilitary Reservation in the State of Maryland to the h°J$ifk§§°*},°{°l§;$l5, N. mayor and cit council of Baltimore, a municipal corporation of ¥’°°*°"· the· State of Maryland, making certain rovisions in connection therewith, providing access to and from tile site of the new immigration station heretofore set aside be, and hereby is, repealed and reenacted to read as follows: “ That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized and ,,§$,‘°‘§,‘*°},‘°,,f,",;,,‘**; directed so soon as it may no longer be needed for uses and needs ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ wkgrowing out of the late war, to begin the restoration of Fort McHenry, in the State of Maryland, now occupied and used as a military reservation, includin the restoration of the old Fort McHenry proper to such a confdition as would make it suitable for preservation permanently as a. national park and perpetual national memorial shrine as the birthplace of the immortal ‘Star-Spangled Mmummb Bw Banner,’ written by Francis Scott Key, and that the Secretary of retary orwu. Y TVar be, and he is hereby, further authorized and directed, as are his successors, to hold the said Fort McHenry in perpetuity as a military reservation, national park, and memorial, and to maintain it as such, except that part mentioned in section 3 hereof, and that part now in use by the Department of Commerce for a hgpt and fo;:·signal station under revocable license from the War epartment with the maintenance of the electric lines thereto and such portion of the reservation, including improvement, as may be reserved by the Secretary of War for the use of the Chief of Engineers, the said reservation to_ be maintained as_a national ublic park, subject to such ragulations as may from time to time Ee issued by the Secretary of ar. Mmmm .,60% “ That any and all repairs, improvements, changes, and altera- emmenzexpeiim. tions in the grounds, buildings, and other appurtenances to the reservation shall be made only according to detailed plans which shall be approved by the Secretary of lVar, and all such repairs, improvements. or alterations shall be made at the expense of the United States, and all such improvements, together with the reservation itself. shall become and remain permanently the property of PT v the United States: Provided. That permission is hereby fgranted the ,,,§',§;*‘lg,'g,,,, ,,,,m_ Secreta of the Treasury to use permanently a strip o land sixty ;_;§{°¤£¤¤¤ ¤*¤*¤¤¤ feet wixdle belonging to said fort grounds, beginning at the norti