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1160 sixTY-1:1G11r11 coNGnEss. sm. II. GH. 462. 1925. brQSkklg¤¤¤¤¤ md N°· Kansas and Kickapoo Indians of Oklahoma, $4,000; ` Ponca Indians of Oklahoma and Nebraska, $8,000; oregon. Grande Ronde and Siletz Agencies, Oregon, $3,900; sem name Yankton Sioux, South Dakota, $7,600; "“"" i" £{%“*i;·$§&°°;$20 000 Washington. I1 8.S ID I1 ° wsmsau. In Wisconsin, $12,800; ’ Fumu Ipn all, not to exceed $835,000. f f

  • ¤=*’°’*****· or general support an civilization o Indians including pay 0

employees in accordance with treaty stipulationslnamed, in not to exceed the following amounts respectively: h0C¤¢¤r d’M¤¤w·Id¤- For the Coeur d’Alenes, in Idaho: For pay of blacksmith, carv¤1.2s,p.1¢m. penter, and physician, and purchase of medicines (article 11, agreement raftilfied March 3, 1891), $4,360; h B¤¤¤<><=*¤·Id¤¤¤· For filling treaty stipulations wit the Bannocks in Idaho: V°l`15'p'm' For pay of physician, teacher, carpenter, miller, en eer, farmer, Crows Mom and blacksmith (article 10, tregty of {siily 3, 1868), §6-:660; _ _ Q For fulfilling treaties with rows ontana: For pa of physi- Vol mp 652 cian, $1,680; and for pay of carpentei, miller, engineer, irarmer, and blacksmith (article 10, treaty of May 7, 1868), $3,560; for pay of second blacksmith (article 8, same treaty), $960; in all, $6,200· mf,‘°f°P“‘$,;•,_g5h¤,{‘?::§ For support and eivilizaition of the Nlprthern Cheyennes and Arapv¤1.m.1>-zsé. ahoes (agreement with the Sioux In `ans approved February 28 1877), including Northern Cheyennes rexiioved from Pine Ridgd Agelncy to Tongue River, Mogtualna, and gor pay ofbphysician, twg teac ers two carpenters one ° er two armers a lacksmith an Ps O engineer? (article 7, treaty of May 10, 1868), $81:000; 7 . i,§§,*’€§Z m' For fulhlling treaties with Pawnees, Oklahoma: For perpetual V°*-”·¤’·“*- annuity, to be paid in cash to the Pawnees (article 3, agreement of November 23, 1892), $30,000; for support of two manual-labor schools (article 3, treaty of September 24, 1857), $11,000; for pay of one farmer, two blackspiithsi one miller, one erégineer and apprengcnm, ymhmm, tioes and two teachers artic e 4 same treaty) 300· for purchase ¤*g;°, H S ,30 of irbn and steel and other necessaries for the shops (article 4, same ` ` greaty), $500;$ for pay of physician and purchase of medicines, 1,200· in all 50000* §‘§{‘,’;§§§§;,_°:,l{],'T For lsppgoit of? Qiiapagvs, Okl;1homa:kFor education (article 3, V°’·"·¤·*25- treaty o ay 13 1833) 1 540* or blac smith and assistants and tools, iron, and steel forlblaizksniith shop (same article and trehty) i'·i'"**#‘i¤¤-~¤· 3%% **6}}: $%?*1§‘t€’°”“‘d’tT*t2“€h° £’€iE;‘°€‘* ii *2;. “?*£¥,‘i assa cei esameo oresmre o e Indianst,$2§‘N,'{{,,,‘l»l;'l°Y:.?§ For silpport of Sioux of different tribes, including Santee Sioux S·,1P“l; t of Nebras a, North Dakota, and South Dakota: For pay of Eve v$i?i§r3,%§$, teachers, one physician, one carpenter, one miller, one engineer, two farmers, and one blacksmith (article 13, treaiiy of April 29, 1868), Aaememn employ- $14,400; for pay_ of second blacksmith, and urmshing iron, steel, °°“· and other mateirial (arpicle 8 of same treaty), $1,600; for pay of s ism . additional employees o the several agencies for the Sioux in Ne- V?"·*°·;ie’“· braska, North Dakota, and South Dakibta, $144,426; for subsistence ,,,,,,,,_ of the Sioux and for purposes of their civilization (Act of Februhf1g=>¤¤¤<>r=i¤z wv- ary 28, 1877), $229,5 4 5 Provided, That this sum shall include P transpprtation of supplies from the termination of railroad or steam oat transportation and in this service Indians shall be employed whenever practicable; in all, $390,000; u,§,°¤¤£dg*,:h’*j* 9***6** For support and civilization of Confederated Bands of Utes: For ggppfpcgrzégm. pay of two carpenters, two millers, two farmers, and two black- ’ ‘ smiths (article 15, treaty of March 2, 1868), $9,660; for pay of two teachers (same article and treaty), $2,400; for urchase of iron and steel and the necessary tools for blacksmith shop (article 9, same