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1242 sixrY-1·:1o1rrH oononizss. sm. 11. ou. 477. 1925. » Sclggliggragggagaigs NATIONAL TRAINING scrroor. ron Boys Cafehg? af bars For care and maintenance of boys cormnitted to the National mmm °` Training School for Boys by the courts of the District of Columbia under a contract to be made by the Board of Charities with the authorities of said National Training School for Boys, $55,000. Scfljghiggagkilgagigs NATIONAL TRAINING sonoor. ron onus Salaries Salaries: For personal services in accordance with the Classification Act of 192, $29,580. Ca¤¤¤sa¤¢a¤P¤¤aaS- For groceries, provisions, light, fuel, soap, oil, lamps, candles, clothing, shoes, forage, horseshoeing, medicines, medical attendance, transportation, labor, sewing machines, fixtures, books, magazines, and other supplies which represent greater educational advantages, stationery, horses, vehicles, harness, cows, pigs, fowls, sheds, fences, repairs, typewriting, stenography, and other necessary items, including compensation not exceeding $1,000 for additional labor or services, for identifying and pursuing escaped inmates and for rewards for their capture, for transportation and other necessary expenses ggcident to securing suitable homes for paroled or discharged girls, _ 8,000. _ mlmactaaai *¤wi¤'*¤Z· For electrical rewiring and new fixtures for two of the old build- ` ings on the Conduit Road site, $3,000. Madi¤a1¤hafm°$· MEDICAL CHARITIES Cara af i¤<1i¢¢¤¢ va- For care and treatment of indigent atients under contracts to be iiggriitalslfeteilcslgnated made by the Board of Charities with gie following institutions and for not to exceed the following amounts, respectively: Freedmen’s Hospital, $42,500. Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying—in Asylum, $17,000. Children’s Hospital, $20,000. Providence Hospital, $17 ,000. Garfield Memorial Hospital, $15,000. Central Dispensary and Emer nc Hospital, $23.000. Eastern Dispensary and Casuagitzy Hospital, $10,000. Washington Home for Incurables, $5,000. Georgetown University Hospital, $5,000. George lVashingt0n University Hospital, $5,000. °°l“"‘°“’ H°“"°“‘ corumnm rrosrrrar. AND LYING—IN Asnum “°°"‘”·°‘°· For general repairs and for additional construction, including labor and material, and for expenses of heat, light, and power required in and about the operation of the hospitai $14,500, to be expended in the discretion and under the direction of the Architect _ _ of the Capitol. eaif°b°'°°I°S'S Bm"` runnizcurosis HOSPITAL S"““‘°5· Salaries: For personal services in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, $50,580. C°“"“g°“‘°"’°“$°’· For provisions, fuel. forage, harness and vehicles, and repairs to same, gas, ice, shoes, clothing, dry goods, tailoring, drugs and medical supplies, furniture and bedding, kitchen utensils, books and eriodicals not to exceed $50, temporary services not to exceed §1,000, maintenance of motor truck, and other necessary items, 55,000. R°¤°i**· dc- For repairs and im rovements to buildings and grounds, including roads and sidewalks, $8,000.