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1262 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. sees. 11. eee. 523, 524. 1925. a medical officer of the United States, to be disabled for useful and eiiicient service by reason of disease or injury not due to vicious Amuity habits, intemperance, or willful misconduct on his part, shall be retired under rules to be prescribed by the Secretary of Commerce _ on an annuity computed in the manner provided in such Act. if 2ri;1?g8cli1eidr2u:d: Sec. 2. Any such officer or employee may, upon recovery, be re- “’°’“°“"°€°· stored to active duty, and shall from time to time, before reaching the age at which he may be retired under such Act, be reexamined gy a medicgalcofficer of the United States upon the request of the ecretary o ommerce. Approved, March 4, 1925.

 CHAP. 524.-An Act To amend the Federal Farm Loan Act and the AgrilP¤¤1¤¢· N¤· 599-1 eunmei Credits Act er 1923.

. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the be§1i§§§mt° °;°;t pn§tedfStates of zlme;icc{1inAO0ng¢ie;;ss zassgmbéed, ghat papggiraph °·,d_ p· · ‘a o section 206 o the gricu ura re its ct o , as wg? mmm Sham amended, be amended to read as follows: _ ereeugiee eee expenses "Sec. 206. (a) That the Federal Farm Loan Board shall equi- {jg tably apportion the joint salaries and expenses incurred in behalf of was bv- the Federal land banks, joint—stock land banks, and Federal intermediate credit banks, and shall assess against each Federal intermediate cgedjf lianér its proportionate share of dthe salaries and expenses 0 the e eral Farm Loan Bureau ma e necessary in connection . · with the operation of this provision.” ggmug mt: ,456 Sec. 2. That paragraph 1 of section 204 (a) of the Agricultural eme¤£1ea._’ ” Credits Act of 1923 be amended by adding at the end thereof the t,,%§;°S,,S}g",‘§,‘§t,,°,{,,{‘?,§“'i,s,; following: "Pr0*védecl, That the Federal Farm Loan Board may “k° °‘°”°"· classify loans and debentures according to maturity, and if debentures of different classes sell at a different rate the Federal interme- · diatle credit banks’may differentiate in rates on like classes of loans kdm, Fm Lou in the same ratio. B<>¤r¤· Sec. 3. The eighth para aph of section 3 of the Federal Farm eulzlilaeaiz p' m3' Loan Act, as amended, be fnirther amended to read as follows: b,·*d‘?§‘§§”},‘;‘§°§;§,{g “The salaries and expenses of the Federal Farm Loan Board, =;¤)¤E£;;i¤l¤¤rm¤<1i¤¢¤¤r¤dit its officers and employees, farm loan registrars, deputy registrars, ` examiners, and reviewing appraisers authorized un er this Act, or iinyd sgbsiquent amendlpiientsi theroiof, shgll hbe Ipaid by the Federal an an s, joint-stoc an ban s, an the ederal intermediate , , _ credit banks, as follows :” veggtesxiigtgz ¤i¤¤iiii=&i1 “The Federal Farm Loan Board shall prior to the first da s of °v°rym m°°°h°` January? and July of each year, estimate, the expenses and salyaries of the ederal Farm Loan Board, its officers and employees, farm `pmmmmm on loan registrars and deputy registrars, examiners, and reviewing apeqimeuie mae. praisers, and apportion the same among the Federal land banks, joint-stock land banks, and the Federal intermediate credit banks on such equitable basis as the Federal Farm Loan Board shall determine, giving due consideration to time and expense necessarily incident to the supervision of thehopegratiolp of elgch type of bank, and make an assessment upon eac o suc an s ursuant to such a or- C0,,ec,,m to be M tionment, payable on the 1st days of J anuagy and July next ensfiling.

Tgeasury es The funds collected pursuant to such assessments shall be deposited

' with the Treasurer of the United States under the miscellaneous receipts title ‘Assessments on Federal and joint-stock land banks and Federal intermediate credit banks, salaries and expenses Federal Farm Loan Board,’ to be disbursed in payment of such salaries and