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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 190. 1924. 159 (f) A_permit issued under this section shall have no effect under mf,“°°* °'P°¤¤“ “m· the immigration laws, except to show that the alien to whom it is ` issued 1s_ returning from a tempora visit abroad; but nothing in this section shall e construed as milking such permit the exclusive means of establishing that the alien is so returning. _ NUMERIGAL LIMITATIONS. .N*¤¤°*i<>¤* limitetions. Sec. 11. (a) The annual uota of an nationalit shall be 2 er §“““°l °“°“*`*· 2-"°E centum of the number of forgign-born individuals ofysuch nationality gleitiiilsgggiut mm resident in continental Unite States as determined by the United §1(;a§zs)€cens)us of 1890, but the minimum quota of any nationality a 10 . . (b) The annual quota of any nationalit for the Hscal ear R*-***° *°¤‘ fecal vm beginning July 1, 1927, and for each fiscal yyear thereafter, sl1all1m'mdth°mwr` be a number which bears the same ratio to 150,000 as the number C°¤¤1>¤°¤¢*·>¤ ofof inhabitants in continental United States in 1920 having that national origin (ascertained as hereinafter provided in this section) bears to the number of inhabitants in continental United States in Mmm 1920, but the minimum quota of any nationality shall be 100. um` _ (c) For the purpose of subdivision (b) national origin shall mi°iiiiii°$ili¤if¤°iiyiii¤iim°` be ascertained by determining as nearly as may be, in respect of each geographical area whic under section 12 is to be treated as a separate country (except the geographical areas specified in subdivision (cg of section 4) the number of inhabitants in continental Unite States in 1920 whose origin b birth or ancestr _ is attributable to such geographical area. Such determination shall b£§°“"°°’ °t°‘* f°' not be made by tracing the ancestors or descendants of particular individuals, but shall be based upon statistics of immigration and emigration, to ether with rates o increase of population as shown by successive decennial United States censuses, and such other data as may be found to be reliable. (d) For the purpose of subdivisions (b) and (c) the term ¤1iiri1i°:i>ii:»ii? gil gill “ inhabitants in contmental United States in 1920 ” does not include “”°“‘°‘U°*‘°°S’°'°°·" 1) immigrants from the geographical areas specified in subdivision c) of section 4 or their descendants, (2) aliens ineligible to citizenship or their descendants, (3) the descendants of slave immigrants, or (4) the descendants of American aborigines. N I (e) The determination gilrovided for in•subdivision (c) of this aaeiiagiiiii °$i’°§i·'ZE section shall be made by the Secretary of State, the Secretary of ‘§_‘g§,$'°;”a$,{,S{j;°g6rF°m· Commerce, and the Secretary of Labor, jointly. In making such Bxvim assistance. determination such officials may call for information and ex rt assisgance from the Bureau af thehCensus. Spch plcials sléiiill, joint , re rt to the President the uota 0 eac nationa ity N, deterriiinedpiis provided in subdivision (iii), and the President shall t·¤ ¤ mmoproclaim and make known the quotas so reported. Such proclama- Tim? tion shall be made on`or before April 1, 1927. If the proclamation ` is not made on or before such date, quotas proclaimed therein shall not be in eifect for any fiscal year beginning before the expira- Ed lam tion of 90 days after the date of the proclamation. After the mak- ¤.m,°°t °{ °”°° °` ing of a proclamation under this subdivision the quotas proclaimed therein shall continue with the same effect as if specifically stated herein, and shall be Hnhl and conclusive for every fpurpose except (1) in so far as it is made to a pear to the satis action of such officials and proclaimed by the gresident, that an error of fact has occurred in such determination or in such roclamation, or (2) in the case provided for in subdivision (ci) of section 12. Cm and um If for any reason quotas proclaimed under this subdivision are gnat; ifno memsnot in effect for an fiscal year, quotas for such year shall be determined under subdivision (a) of this section. 45822°·-251*-13