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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. xxv Page. District of Columbia, Abbey Place. An Act '1‘o change the name of Third Place northeast to Abbey Place. February 21, 1925 _..._.._.._.__________________ _ ______________ 960 Navy, Henry F. Malloy. An Act To authorize the appointment of Machinist Henry F. Mulloy, United States Navy, as an enslgn in the regular Navy. February 21, 1925-- 961 Tokyo, Japan, foreign service buildings. An Act To authorize the Secretary of State to enlarge the site and erect buildings thereon for the use of the diplomatic and consular establishments of the United States in Tokyo, Japan. February 21, 1925-- 961 Flood control, Oaloosahatchee River, Fla. An Act Authorizing preliminary examination and survey of the Caloosahatchee River, in Florida, with a view to the control ot Hoods. February 21, 1925 -.-.._._.______ ,.. __________________ 961 District of Columbia, height of buildings. An Act To amend an Act regulating the height of buildings in the District of Columbia, approved June 1, 1910, as amended by the Act of December 30, 1910. February 21, 1925 __-.___,_,_-._,________________ 061 Virginia eastern judwial district, term, Alexandria. An Act To Hx the time for holding the terms of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, at Alexandria. February 21, 1925 ..-_____._,._..,..._.________________ 962 Yuma Irrigation project, Ariz., Mesa unit. Joint Resolution To authorize the appropriation of certain amoumts for the Yuma irrigation project, Arizona, and for other purposes. February 21, 1925... ... ..__.-...--._,._...,____,____.-_.._. 962 Customs, animals crossing border. Joint Resolution Extending the time during which certain domestic animals which have crosed the boundary line into foreign countries may be returned duty free. February 21, 1925 .-.-.. 963 Lexington-Concord Commission, member added. Joint Resolution To authorize the appointment of an additional commissioner- on the United States Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Commission. February 21, 1925 .---.--...-..-. 963 Japanese earthquake sufferers. An Act For the relief of suiferers from earthquake in Japan. February 24, 1925 ...--..--.-..-.-...---..-..-...--. 963 Fort Bliss, Tear., land. An Act For the purchase of land adjoining Fort Bliss, Texas. February 24, 1925 ...-...-.--...-...---.-.._ ,. --.-.. 964 War Risk allotments. An Act Regulating the recovery of allotments and allowances heretofore paid to designated beneficiaries. February 24, 1925 ..--... .,.--- 964 Rhode Island, Spanish War claim. An Act Referring the claim of the State of Rhode Island for expenses during the war with Spain to the Court of Claims tor adjudication. February 24, 1925 ...--...-..-.--.. ..-.. ...-..- ..- 964 Court of Claims, commissioners. An Act To authorize the appointment of commissioners by the Court of Claims and to prescribe their powers and compensation, February 964 24, 1925 .----. - ...--.. ..---. -...-. - Silver 50-cent commemorative pieces. An Act To authorize the coinage of silver 50-cent pieces in commemoration of the one hundred and iiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Bennington and the independence of Vermont, in commemoration of the seventy- fifth anniversary of the admission of California into the Union and in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of Fort Vancouver, State of Washington. February 24, 1925 .-.-- ... ..--..-.-.-..-... 965 Corporation, D. 0., American War Mothers. An Act To incorporate the American War Mothers. February 24, 1925 .-..-... - ... 966 Angeles National Forest, Calif., camp grounds. An Act To enable the board of supervisors of Los Angeles County to maintain public camp grounds within the Angeles National Forest. February 24, 1925 ...-...-- . ..--.. .-.. 969 Port Huron, Mich., lighthouse grounds for a park. An Act To authorize the Secretary of Commerce to transfer to the city of Port Huron, Michigan, a portion of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse Reservation, Michigan. February 24, 1925 ..-..-..-.. 969 Zachary Taylor, memorial, etc. An Act To authorize an appropriation for the care, maintenance, and improvement of the burial grounds containing the remains of Zachary Taylor, former President of the United States, and of the memorial shaft erected to his memory, and for other purposes. February 24, 1925 - 970 Army, Chiefs of Finance, and Chemical Warfare, An Act To amend the National Defense Act. February 24, 1925 .. ..--..-.. -..-.. 970 Agricultural experiment stations, additional allowance. An Act To authorize the more complete endowment of agricultural experiment stations, and for other purposes. February 24, 1925 .-...-...-.-..- .. ... - . 970 Intenuzl revenue erroneously collected, suits for. An Act To amend paragraph Z) of section 24 of the Judicial Code as amended by Act of November 2;, 1921, entitled “An Act to reduce and equalize taxation, to provide revenue, and for other _ ' purposes." February 24, 1925 .-.--..-.-..-----.- 9»2 York River, Va., pwr. An Act To legalize a pier and wharf in New York at Gloucester Banks, near Gloucester Point, Virginia. February 24, 1925 . T- 972 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo. An Act To authorize the exchange of certain patented lands in the Rocky Mountain National Park for Government lands in the park. February 24, 1925 . .. ... ... .. .. -.:- 973 Dam and bridge, Lafayette River, Va. An Act T0 authorize the city of Norfolk, Virginia, to construct a combined dam and bridge in Lafayette River at or near Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia. February 24, 1925 .. ..-..-. . ..- .·----- -— 973