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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 331. 1924. 639 Sec. 7. It shall be the further dut of the board to investi ate I¤v¢¤ti¤¤¤*¤¤»r¤9¤m· ascertain, and report to the Secreta% of the Interior who ghall giigliiiiixiviiitiitiiiiiiiiicisif report to the Congress of the United States, together with his §Ef;;,§§,§°“g2’§*°§§{§; recommendation, the fair market value of lands, improvements g;1*ggr<?¢¢dv;g;>mvge¤¤¤ appurtenant thereto, and water rights of non-Indian claimants who, are uottgészaiiisii mms in person or through their predecessors in title prior to January 6, 1912, ‘ in good faith and for a valuable consideration purchased and entered upon Indian lands under a claim of right based upon a deed or document purporting to convey title to the land claimed or upon a grant or license from the governin body of a pueblo to said land, but fail to sustain such claim under tge provisions of this Act, together with a statement of the loss in money value thereby uifered by such non- R M { M Indian claimants. Any lands lying within the exterior boundaries of witliiinmllilaiglbdi iiuelxild the pueblo of Nambe land grant, which were conveyed to any holder g’“’“· or occupant thereof or his predecessor or predecessors in interest by the governing authorities of said pueblo, in writing, prior to January 6, 1912, shall unless found by said board to have been obtained through fraud or deception, be recognized as constituting D valid claims by said board and by said courts, and disposed of in i”p°°°l°° such manner as lands the Indian title to which has been determined to have been extin ished pursuant to the provisions of this Act: P,,,,,,_ Provided That nogiing in this section contained with reference to imkishg of gg? M} the said Nambe Pueblo Indians shall be construed as depriving the ae$?° v Y ° said Indians of the right to impeach any such deed or conveyance for fraud or to have mistakes therein corrected through a suit in behalf of said pueblo or of an individual Indian under the provisions of this Act. i imesu ation re rt Sec. 8. It shall be the further duty of the board to investi te, eee., on dalue érfdidé ascertain, and report to the Secretary of the Interior the area andihe §‘,’§§,§,“,§,Hf§'°§§’§,‘,§{§¤€§ value of the lands and improvements ap urtenant thereto of non- with v¤'i¤***1¤·¢¤¢· Indian claimants within or adjacent to gueblo Indian settlements or towns in New Mexico, title to which in such non-Indian claimants is valid and indefeasible, said report to include a finding as to the benefit to the Indians in anywise of the removal of such non-Indian claimants byl purchase of their lands and improvements and the transfer of the same to the Indians, and the Secretary of the Interior shall report to Congress the facts with his recommendations in the premlS€S' . . . Survey etc. otlands Sec. 9. That all lands, the title to which is determined in said suit ue mi; to évmca ls Or suits, shall, where necessa , be surveyed and mapped under the °°°°""'°°d‘ direction of the Secretary olfy the Interior, at the expense of the Subject W Bmw, United States, but such survey shall be subject to the approval of the or mage, ae {Gdge of the United States District Court for the District of New exico, and if approved b said judge shall be filed in said_c0urt andrtbecome a part of the eizcree or decrees entered in said district cou . ’ SEO. 10. That necessary costs in all original proceedings under C°°°" this Act, to be determined by the court, shall be taxed against the United States and any party aggrieved by any final ju gment or decree shall have the right to a review thereof by appeal or writ of error or other process, as in other cases, but upon such appeal being taken each party shall pay his own costs. Mmm M ..pur_ Src. 11. That in the sense in which used in this Act the word ¤¤¤se··eie.»a hmm. “purchase” shall be taken to mean the acquisition of commumty lands by the Indians other than by grant or donation from a S°v°r°1g“• i . rnusmaag mum: _ Sec. 12. That any person claiming any interest in the premises ermwwamm mvolved but not impleaded in any such action may be made a party “““°"“" defendant thereto or may intervene in such action, setting up his dum m usual form. 45822°—25j‘———43