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682 six·rY-Eiorrri-1 oononnss. sms. 11. on. 4. 1924. ¤¤m¤·' · Ad` t d certilicate fund: For the amount authorized in m§iy°§ii¤§g@. W sectioh];85 <?fufli§BWorld War Adjusted Compensation Act of Maiy

  • ‘”"·’·“· 19 1924, to provide for the payment of the face value of each a -
 service certificate in twenty years from its date or on the prior

death of the veteran, $100,000,000, to remain available until expended. m,D¤j§gj“m°”‘ °’ Ag"' DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ,*’¤'m°¤, ,*°‘,,¥”°, ’°"’ D 1 l : To ay the claims for damages to privately owned V<>1·4¤% v- 106%- pi-cpadytaggdjililslteil and lletermined by the Department of Agriculture under the provisions of the Act a proved December 28, 1922 (Forty- second Statutes, page 1066), as iiilly set forth m House Document Numbered 317, reported to Congress at its present session, $2,545.89. Chemistry B¤r¤¤¤· BUREAU or CHEMISTRY Nye! ml =¤¤.A°*· T nab] th Secretary of Agriculture to carry into effect the p_r0· uiiomes. mmml Om" visiting of she ict of March 3, 1923, entitled “An Act establishing v°"‘2’ p' rm standard grades of naval stores, preventing deception in transactions in naval stores, regulating trafic therein, and or_ other purposes," $10,000, to remain available until June 30, 1925. Forest Service. FOREST SERVICE Fighting forest ¤r¤=· General expenses: For fighting and preventing forest fires, fiscal year 1924, $125,000. Agriciiltural Bw- l ammo or Aoiuomxruizan ncoivoures DOIIUG DIBBH. , omni ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- General expenses: For collecting, compiling, abstracting, analyzing, summarizing, interpreting, and publishing data relating to agriculture, including crop and livestock estimates, acreage, yield, grades, stock, and value of farm crops, and numbers, grades, and value of livestock and livestock products on farms, in cooperation with the Extension Service and other Federal, State, and local agencies, fiscal ‘year 1925, $50,000. Maeeumous. mscnnnannovs rrnms Cocoenut scale- in To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to provide means for the uE,,’3,'i'°‘”‘““' °°" control and eradication of the cocoanut scale on the Island of Guam, $8,000, to remain available until June 30, 1925.

 ws; To enable the Secretarg of Agriculture to provide means for the

’°" "‘°’° ‘ investigation, control, an eradication of the blight known as “Nail head rust," fiscal year 1925, $10,000. fcopasgim diseases For personal services and other expenditures in the District of ° E`»iii§¤$es¢0rem·¤im- Columbia and elsewhere in connection with the arrest and eradica- Qgg,,_°*°-- °‘ °”'g‘ tion of foot—and·mouth disease, rinderpest, contagious pleuropneiugionisal or other conétagious or infectious disease of animals, P¤Y¤¤¤¤f ¤f swings including tie payment 0 c aims growing out of past and future

'{Z_°°S°°’°d °mm°1°’ purchases and destruction, in cociperation with the States, of animals

affected by or exposed·to, or o materials contaminated by or exposed to, any such disease, wherever found and irrespective of ownership, under like or Sl1bSt8Dtli1l?’ similar circumstances, when such owner has complied with all law ul quarantine regulations, and u};{,°j,*§g;;Q¤0,*g,e§; including necessary investigations to determine whether such diseases ¤¤es.e¤c. have been completely era icated in districts where they previously PMD- 851- existed, $3,500,000, to be expended by the Secretary of Agriculture when, in his ]udgment, an emergency exists which threatens the livestock industry of the country, and to remain available until