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46 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 81. 1924. N¤vis¤¤¤¤ B¤¤¤¤¤· BUREAU or NAVIGATION. Gunuery and wei- Gunne and en eer° exercises: For prizes, trophies, and °°°m°gmms°S` badges flolf excelleng? inuginneiéy, target practice, and so forth including the same objects speci ed under this head in the naval appropmation Act for the fiscal year 1924, $24,300. mpgs oem D8'P8¥l*· POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. P¤¤¤=1¤¤rvi¤¤· our or run rosmr. anvanvrs. mrgmmar ceamrs orncn or r0s·1*mas·rmz GENERAL ryegrass *¤ Pdvm Damage claims: To pay claims for damages to or losses of giprg°y¤i’eia or claims vately owned property a justed and determined by the Post O ce I0Ig;’°l.42,p_1(K‘6_ Department under the provisions of the Act entitled “An_ Act to rovide a method for the settlement of claims arisirég against the - government of the United States in sums not excee ing $1,000 in . any one case," approved December 28, 1922, as fully set forth in House Documents Numbered 107, 113, 142, and 180, reported to Congress at its present session $20,313.06. g,},’,§’§§§,,§ °°"““‘ Contingent expenses, Post Office Department: For miscellaneous items, including the same objects specified under this head in the §ost Office Department Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1924, 12,000. W°·“*"i“F‘°“· D· °·· City Post Office Build' Washington District of Columbia: office. 9

i¤?;$¤p¤?;¤t M; For reimbursement of the%oyemment Printing Office for the cost

rmaisiieaet. wm of furmshing steam for heating and electric cm·rent for lighting and power to the Post Office Department Building at Massachusetts Avenue and North Capitol Street, District of Columbia, Gscal year 1923, $2,592.20. _ _ - tiggefds M mm- Rewards to postal emplovees for inventions: Not. exceeding $7 30 Payment mr prior of the appropriation for "I{ewards to postal employees for inven- ‘m€,§f"§f‘f,‘}§“gw_ tions " for the fiscal year 1924, may be expended for payment by the Postmaster General of a cash reward for any invention, suggestion, or series of suggestions for an improvement or economy in device, design, or process applicable to the Postal Service submitted by one or more employees of the Post Office Department or the %*;¤c;“8 mmm, Postal Service during the fiscal years 1920, 1921, and 1922; Pm- ` vided, That the Postmaster General shall certify that the invention, suggestion, or series of suggestions, was adopted for use and effected a material economy or increased efficiency. ages! ¥¤Sr>¤¤¤¤¤"¤ of- ormcn or cmrr iivsrrzcron. P¤rm¤¤¢¤fr¤-·¤r¤¤- Payment of rewards: For payment of rewards for the detection, arrest, and conviction of post-office burglars, robbers, and highway mail robbers, including the same objects specified under this head in Post Office Department Appropriation Acts for the following fiscal years: For 1922, $40,000; For 1923, $25,000.

 mt P¤¤¤· orrrcn or rmsr Ass1s*rAN*r ros·rMAs·r1·:1z cmuman.

P¤¤¤¤¤¤*=¢¤- For compensation to postmasters for the following fiscal years: For 1922, $101,985.44; For 1923, $1,2%.416.57. c1e»1¤,ece. For compensation to clerks and employees at first and second class post offices, including substitutes for clerks and employees absent without pay, $3,600,000.