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802 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 120-122. 1925. C‘§§f$¤,”;g’,§_‘;,‘Qg*}{,';*°8s’g That the Interstate Commerce Commission is authorized and di- Ehitggmmmmwaéa rected to make a téiorough investigation of the rate structnére of _ ' common carriers su ject to the interstate commerce act in or er to om determine to what extent and in what manner existixig rates and ‘ charges may be unjust, unreasonable, unjustly discriminatory,_or undu y preferential, thereby imposing undue burdens, or giving undue advantage as between the various localities and parts of the Dems to be _ country, the various classes of trailic, and the various classes and mm by ¤¤£ kinds of commodities, and to· make, in accordance with law, such °"“““°°‘· °‘°· changes, adjustments, and redistribution of rates and charges as may si£:;1¤¤g; to ¤¤ ,¢=s=¤- be found necessary to correct any defects so found to exist. In makchangeset. ing any such change, adjustment, or redistribution the commission shall give due regard, among other factors, to the general and comparative levels 111 iéiarketi value of the vaigpus classes gud kinds of commodities as in icate over a reasona e period o years to a _ natural and proper development of the country as a whole, and to ¤°‘f,§F@;”,_:_?°§_°, the maintenance of an adequate system of transportation. In the xwmgggwsorrmgg progress of such investigation the commission shall, from time_ to sasl? time, and agpszpeditgously as possible, make such decisggns and grckars as it may to necessary or appropriate upon the recor then _ _ made in order to place the rates upon designated classes of traffic ,,f,§°§,‘”,§, _,§§,‘:,§$j upon a just and reasonable basis with relation to other rates. Such investigation shall be conducted with due regard to other investigagans or £I’0C0€d1I1gS• affecting rate adjustments which may be pending _ ore e commission. du·g§§‘2,}‘§‘j‘é`E',§•,,§;" _ in vaewdpf tg1Be1•;1:)istii?ngtdej;11;ei§1io1i in agricultulfie, gh? commission ° IS ere y rec e ec W1 e east practica e e a such law- §z;?&i€£p€°£¤¥i1g1° iiiiii gccéhangep in the raiebstructure of the couniiryhas will girromote the tj - _ ‘ om o movemen common carriers 0 the products of a i- on www culture aifected by that depression, including livestock, at the Img;-st _ possible lawful rates compatible with the maintenance of adequate ffggygb ms im transportation service: Provtded, That no investigation or proceedvgtvgié me?} ro; ami ing resulting from the adoption of this resolution shall be permitted · i,:obedela§vled.ucS no delay the d8C1810I1 of cases now pending before the commission mvolving rates on products of agriculture, and that such cases shall be decided in accordance with this resolution. Approved, January 30, 1925. January 31,1925. (H-**·8°°°—1 c1n1>.121.-A AtAth " th 0 z dGeod · s

 seismologicalinvestigatitons,\bnd)1?di·n<id:her€purposes08s ““ °“‘° “"’°" “° ‘°“"°

Emhqmm Be it enacted ZX the Senate and House og Representatives of the Sucgt tgniingxgzgc United_States of meriea in Congress assent Zed, That the Coast and eee. 'Geodetic Survey is hereby authorized to make investigations and reports in seismolog , including such investi tions as have been EY ga heretofore performe by the Weather Bureau Approved, January 31, 1925. January 31, 1925. [U- R- 109471 CHAP. 122.—A A t G t' th C greg; ipubuc. Nm.] n:gh.,,€,, i;..;_1.,&,;§..;g€;, {_0"L‘L$'€$mcp°a°%'}?§’§Z 3EwS3"ite M*3’¤$}.‘§..§§i‘§“ii'iv§£ ID 6 Cl y 0 U , GDDBY VBDI8. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0] Representaf th iiiiggiiiiiaileiacliiihigi United States of America in Congress assembled, That tI?;8C(€l{S8Il€ §g§,,f"’,§§§°· m M"' of Congress is hereby granted to the county of Allegheny, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and its successors and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the Monongahela River at a point suitable to the interests of